Xbox To PC Texture Packs

Xbox To PC Texture Packs For PC v1.8

Please Note: These texture packs are ported from the Xbox 360 to PC Java Edition 1.8.  The current textures are not in this list because of the way Mojang has compiled the packs.  However, if you find a way into the texture packs, I’ll actually add them into this list.



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    • DestructiveBurn


      I tried to pull the latest packs. Unfortunately, they are compressed in some format I cannot access. I haven’t checked in some time though. I’ll try again when I get the time.

  1. Mar-Mar


    Any idea if you can rip Chinese Mythology cause that pack wasn’t released too far into the texture packs. Hell if you can’t read the files I’ll find a way, just get me a rip if you can.

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