ulanzi Mini LED Video Light

ulanzi Mini LED Video Light


This is a review of the Mini 96 LED Video Light from Banggood.  This was another addon for my Nikon Coolpix A1000 Camera

This isn’t a bad light.  It is quite bright for something small.  If you are looking for a more professional light, I recommend skipping this.  However, for the price, this light is fantastic and worth picking up when you need a light.  I love the dimmer knob, the tripod mound the option to have AA batteries or you can use a (BP-4L) battery and if you don’t want to use batteries, you can just use the Micro USB-B Port.

Since my Nikon Coolpix A1000 Camera, has poor lighting in video recording (thanks to the firmware) even this light brightens everything up!
I like the magnetic filters.  Although, I don’t really use the yellow one as its a bit intensive.  Besides that, I don’t have any complaints with this light.

Please Note:
There are two versions of this light.  The 96 LED version and the 112 LED version.  I have the 96 LED light.



What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Mini Led Video Light
  • 2x Filters.  (One Clear and one Yellow)
  • 1x Portable Bag


Product Functions

  • Battery Switch.
  • Light Dimmer.
  • The Battery Compartment door / 3200k (White) or 5500K (Yellow) color film magnetic cover.
  • Hot shoe.
  • 1/4 inch screw.
  • Shoe fixing knob.
  • Micro USB-B Port



Normally I would just copy everything that the manual say’s, but in this case, the manual has really bad English grammar.
I know mine sucks too but it’s far better.  I’ll reconstruct it a bit better.

Matters needing attention

  1. The batteries or (BP-4L) battery should be removed if the LED light hasn’t been used for a long time.
  2. Turn off the light when the lights are in a dimmed position, to prevent permanent damage to the batteries or (BP-4L) battery.
  3. Do not drop or create strong vibration – otherwise, it may cause the product to fail.
  4. Make sure to install the batteries in the correct polarity direction – otherwise, the (BP-4L) battery or batteries may leak corrosive liquids causing damage to the device and or heat and possibly an explosion.
  5. Do not put in a high-temperature situation such as direct sunlight or inside a closed car cab.  This also goes for other places of high temperature.

Product Installation

  1. Install the
  2. (BP-4L) battery or batteries by opening the magnetic color film cover.
    Make sure to use the same type of batteries and none that are full and half full mix as (Matters needing attention part 4) may happen.
  3. Install to a camera or tripod mount. If on a camera, use the hot shoe to tighten.

Usage method Batteries

  1. Put in (BP-4L) battery or Batteries
  2. Turn on the power supply switch.
  3. Adjust the Dimmer knob to your liking for light.

Usage method Power (USB)

  • If you want to use the light without batteries, I recommend 1A 5V Micro USB-B since it has it.
  • Looks like it can charge (BP-4L) battery.  Not too sure since I don’t own one.

Product Specification

  • Working voltage: Large capacity BP-4L single lithium-ion battery or 4 AA batteries.
  • 112 LEDs / 96 LEDs
  • Consumption: 9W to 11W
  • Color temperature: 5500K color 85%
  • Illumination angle: 120 degrees.
  • Average life 60000 hours.
  • The material of Lighting Shell: ABS Plastic
  • Color Temperature: 5500K (3200k with filter)
  • Luminous Flux: 860lm
  • Size:70 x 30 x 100mm
  • Weight: 129g


Night Demo

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