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Download schematic/or map
Q: How to download a schematic/or map from
A: To download a schematic/or map you first need to purchase or download the .zip that contain's the schematic/or map by clicking the orange button.

Extract schematic/or map
Q: How do I extract schematic/or map from .zip?
A: You can use Winrar or any zip program.  Windows has one built in.  Just click it and windows explorer will see the schematic/or map.  Just drag and drop it to the location of your choice.

After Download
Q: How do I download the schematic/or map after I download the schematic/or map?
A: You should be redirected to the page containing the .zip that have the schematic/or map inside of it.
If you cannot see the download link you can go the top right menu with the link called: Purchase History.  You will find your download there.

Import .schematic
Q: How to I import the .schematic to my Minecraft world?
A: The best way to do this is to use MC-Edit.

If you need help with how MC-Edit works go here: //

Open MC-Edit and open your world

Click Import and find the .Schematic.

Now click import in the location you want it.

Save Map to
Q: Were do I put the map after downloading?
A: Maps need to go into Minecraft's save directory


<Startvolume>/Users/<User>/Library/Application Support/minecraft

The Library folder is hidden by default.

  • Use Finder's 'Go' menu. Since Lion you have to press option (Alt, ) for the entry to appear.
  • Use Finder's 'Go to folder...' command (++G) and copy / paste ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  • Snapshot 12w24a enables the 'Open texture pack folder' in 'Texture Packs' screen. Navigate from there to /bin, /saves etc.
  • To unhide it, he can also type in Terminal: chflags nohidden ~/Library


  • In start menu search: Type in: %appdata%.minecraftsaves
  • Place map there.  If you want to unhide the folder go to:
  • start/charms bar and type in Control Panel
  • Click: Appearance and Personalization / Folder Options
  • Click "View tab" under Hidden files and folders click "Show hidden files, folders and drives." Apply
  • Now when you click your <username> you will now see AppData folder/Roaming/.minecraft/saves


You can also get there by using the ~ shortcut which represents your user folder directory.


Here's a video that can help you out 🙂

This is a February, 10/2019 update.  Looks like it's hard to find a proper video on how to import a schematic from MC-Edit 1.0.   I'll make a video and I'll probably make a blog post about it and shift this content to it.  Meantime, you do have instructions above.


Stylus/Stylish and userstyles have already been done.  
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