How to convert images to minecraft using Spritecraft to Schematic

How to convert images to Minecraft using Spritecraft to Schematic


Spritecraft Converts images into Minecraft schematic.  This is what MC-Edit will use for importing into your world.
They have two versions:  Free and the Full version we will work with.

Download Link

Site Link:


MCEdit 1.0 is a saved game editor for Minecraft. Since Minecraft saved games contain every single element of the world the player is playing in, it has much more in common with a 3D world, map, and terrain editors than traditionally saved game editors. MCEdit has been developed since 2010 with the original goal of allowing Classic levels to be played in the full version of Minecraft



Quick note:
If you do not have PC Minecraft you CANNOT use MC-Edit.
If you do not have Java SE installed you CANNOT use SpritecraftFull.jar

  1. When you have extract the folder to your desktop.  You can use Winrar to extract.
  2. Open SpritecraftFull.jar using Java Platform SE binary
  3. Find the image you want.  My Example would be this one:
  4. Click on browse in SpritecraftFull.jar
  5. Under Max Width and Height is how many blocks in the game.  Example:   Minecraft Max Height is: 256 so don’t go past that.
    Since I’m using Zelda the image is at: 256px x 256px I should be able to uncheck No max width and No max height.
    When done, click Create Minecraft Blueprint!
  6. You can save the image but we want to Save Schematic.  You can change blocks.  if you like but I’m not going to for this demo.
  7. Save to desktop.  We can move it later.
  8. Alright.   Now open MC-EDIT
  9. Open your world and click Import
  10. Select the Zelda.schematic from your desktop or where ever you saved it.  Example Zelda.schematic
  11. Now just position your your image were ever you want. E & R keys will let you flip.  Nudge + W/A/S/D keys will move it. Menu to save or CTRL+S to save.

Alright.  You now have your image into your Minecraft world.   If you found this tut helpful please share it.

Official image of Zelda: //
Zelda.schematic download: Zelda

What it looks like on PC Minecraft

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