Skyrim Console Commands (PC Only)

Skyrim Console Commands (PC Only)

A few months after The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim was released for PC, I started to log every single command in the game.  
These are the commands.  Enjoy 🙂

While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function: While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function: List all commands help
If you want to find a certain command:
Chrome/Firefox/Opera/IE/Safari Press: CTRL F to bring up the find.

God mode tgm
Toggle Collision (no clipping mode; interacting possible, walk pointing up to fly into the air) TCL
Increase level advancepclevel
Increase level of indicated skill by one player.incpcs [skill name]
All spells psb
Add indicated Dragon’s Souls player.modav dragonsouls [number]
Add indicated perk player.addperk [id number]
Add indicated spell player.addspell [id number]
Add indicated item player.additem [id number]
Add indicated amount of gold player.additem 0000000f [number]
Add indicated number of lockpicks player.additem 0000000a [number]
Set player level player.setlevel [number]
Set skill level advancepcskill [skill name] [number]
Set health player.setav health [number]
Set Magicka player.setav magicka [number]
Set fatigue player.setav fatigue [number]
Set Burden player.modav burden [number]
Set carry weight player.modav carryweight [number]
Set character’s fame setpcfame
Set character’s infamy setpcinfamy
Set ownership of target; allows you to take it without stealing setownership
Set to high value to fight; “0” to be free player.setcrimegold [number]
Set player scale; “1” is default player.setscale [number]
Set field of view fov [number]
Unlock selected locked door or container unlock
Lock selected door or container with indicated lock level lock [1-100]
Advance indicated skill advskill [skill] [number]
Complete all quest stages caqs
Duplicate items; click container or NPC, and copy the RefID duplicateallitems
Kill selected enemy kill
Kill all nearby enemies killall
Fast travel to indicated location coc [location]
Teleport to quest target movetoqt
Increase movement speed by indicated percentage player.setav speedmult [number]
Remove all items from selected NPC removeallitems
Resurrect targeted corpse resurrect
Toggle all map markers tmm [0 or 1]
Spawn NPC player.placeatme [NPC ID]
Start all quests; may break storyline saq
Testing hall with all items coc qasmoke
Search by keyword help keyword [mode number]
Freeflying camera tfc
Enable controls during cutscenes enableplayercontrols
Toggle AI detection; allows easy stealing tdetect
Toggle AI tai
Toggle collision tcl
Toggle combat artificial intelligence tcai
Toggle FOW tfow
Toggle grass tg
Toggle menus tm
Race menu showracemenu
Quit game qqq
Toggle Menus (Removes the HUD and other dialogue texts) TM
(0) – Toggle Map Markers (all locations, tmm 1 turns on, tmm 0 turns off) TMM
Toggle freefly cam (removes the body and set the camera free, you will not be able to interract) TFC
Toggle Artificial Intelligence (freezes npc, they can’t walk, move, or anything.) TAI
Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence (same as TAI; however only makes the NPC not being able to combat) TCAI
Toggle AI Detection (You can steal all you want and no one will see you, doesn’t work with pickpocketing) TDetect

This will teleport you to any location you type in. Example: coc riverwood, or coc whiterun coc (name of place)
Adjust field of view (insert fov value into ) fov x

Adds the selected NPC to a faction (e.g. “addfac 19809 1” adds an NPC to the marriage-faction, allowing players to marry this NPC) Addfac <variable> 1
Toggles grass display sq,

Disable/Enable LOD, which will reduce your view distance drastically (can be useful for a performance gain or for certain glitches and annoyances that pertain to LOD) TLL

Add selected shout to player skill list. Shout Codes., Shouts are also part of spells so in order for this command to work you would need the spells unlocked. Addshout

You can use this to equip things on your summons (mainly with the Dead Thrall spell. Until the CK comes out this was the only solution I could find to give them better gear.) Just note that they can get pretty powerful if you deck them out, had one kill me once. Just use the item ID after this spell, and have the actor targetted. EquipItem

Doing this will allow you to change your race without using showracemenu, but you do not get the luxury of the menu. (Note: This appears to bug out after certain transformations (ex: Werewolf) and you will be back to your original race, or the race you selected using showracemenu.) SetPlayerRace <id>

This brings you to the testing hall with all items and crafting interfaces in the game. Be careful as opening enchanted armor and weapons cabinets may cause your game to crash (in some cases the game may simply stop responding, if this is the case, be patient and let the objects load; there are a lot of them- every type of regular weapon times at least 20). coc qasmoke

Bring up character customization menu. showracemenu
NOTE: Your health Magicka, Stamina, and Health levels will be spread evenly on using this depending on your character’s level. It will remove any point distributions that were custom.
NOTE2: Make sure you are in the third person view before editing your character, otherwise you will be invisible, and unable to see the changes made on your character
NOTE3: can be Used as Vampire to fix Odd Skin/Facecolor Matchings and will not Spread your Stamina/Magica/Health Levels while you use it as Vampire, if you changed something while being a Vampire and Cure yourself with lycanthropy the light Skin will stay…but also here you can use Showracemenu and alter it back to normal again without merging Stam/Magic/Health (can only confirm this as Argonian)
NOTE4: will NOT modify your attributes/skills/points/etc. unless you change the race, sex, or select a preset from the list. Modifying purely cosmetic things like skin color/warpaint/hair/face shape/etc. will leave your points unchanged. TIP: if the character moves it’s hands in front like they were tied, it’s a clear indication that the skills will be messed up; if the hands remain parallel to the body it’s fine.
NOTE5: A way to fix the modified attributes error is to simply re-equip your gear. It may not be the best fix but it is better than nothing.

Toggle God Mode (invincible, also removing encumbering effect, removing shout cooldown, and granting unlimited magicka and stamina) TGM

Toggle Immortal Mode (makes it so your health will never reach zero no matter what even though you still take damage, but you can’t die (final blow animations won’t kill you either) and nothing extra, which is why it’s not the same command as TGM) TIM

To find out someone’s id just type this in: Push ~ then type in Help name of person & 4 example
Help Lydia 4 then you will get the ID then type in player.placeatme 000a2c8e that simple!

To find out someones id just type this in: Push ~ then type in Help name of person & 4 example

Help Lydia 4 then you will get the ID then type in player.placeatme 000a2c8e that simple!

. Open the console via tilde key (~) it’s next to the 1 key.
. Enter without the single quotes (‘) ‘help “shadowmere” 4’

Shadowmere Horse player.placeatme 0009CCD7

Stray Dog player.placeatme 00109487

Lydia player.placeatme 000A2C8E
Jarl player.placeatme 0010E3E9
Alvor player.placeatme 00013475
Arngeir player.placeatme 0002C6C7
Redguard Woman player.placeatme 000B85AB
Enmon player.placeatme 00013B6C
Camilla Valeriusplayer.placeatme 0001347B

Alduin player.placeatme 0008E4F1
Odahviing player.placeatme 0008E4F1

Dawnbreaker player.additem 0004E4EE

Married People

Aela the Huntress – Nord, found in the Companion’s Faction House in Whiterun.
Aeri – Nord, found inside her house at Anga’s Mill in the Pale.
Anwen – Redguard, found in Markarth Temple.
Avrusa Sarethi – Dark Elf, found in the Sarethi farm in the Rift.
Borghak the Steel Heart – Orc, found in Mor Khazgur.
Brelyna Maryon – Dark Elf, found in the College of Winterhold.
Camilla Valerius – Imperial, found in Riverwood.
Dravynea the Stoneweaver – Dark Elf, found at Kyne’s Grove in Eastmarch.
Ghorza gra-Bagol – Orc, found in Markarth.
Gilfre – Imperial, found in the Mixwater Mill in Eastmarch.
Grelka – Nord, found in Riften at her merchant stand.
Iona – Nord, found in Riften, in Honeyside.
Jenassa – Dark Elf, found in the Drunken Huntsman, in Whiterun.
Jordis the Sword-Maiden – Nord, found in Proudspire Manor, in Solitude
Lydia – Nord, found in Dragonsreach, in Whiterun.
Mjoll the Lioness – Nord, found in her house, in Riften.
Muiri – Breton, found in The Hag’s Cure, in Markarth.
Njada Stone-Arm – Nord, found in the Companion’s Faction House, in Whiterun.
Orla – Nord, found in the Temple of Dibella, in Markarth.
Ria – Imperial, found in the Companion’s Faction House, in Whiterun.
Senna – Imperial, found in the Temple of Dibella, in Markarth.
Shahvee – Argonian, found outside Windhelm.
Sylgja – Nord, found at Shor’s Stone in The Rift.
Taarie – High Elf, found in Solitude.
Temba Wide-Arm – Nord, found at Ivarstead in The Rift.
Uthgerd the Unbroken – Nord, found in her house, in Whiterun.
Viola Giordano – Imperial, found in Windhelm, in Eastmarch.
Ysolda – Nord, found in Whiterun.

Ainethach – Breton, found in Karthwasten Hall, in Karthwasten.
Angrenor Once-Honored – Nord, found in Candelhearth Hall, in Windhelm.
Argis the Bulwark – Nord, found in Vlindrel Hall, in Markath.
Athis – Dark Elf, found in Jorrvaskr Living Quarters, in Whiterun.
Balimund – Nord, found in The Scorched Hammer, in Riften.
Belrand – Nord, found in The Winking Skeever, in Solitude.
Benor – Nord, found in Morthal.
Calder – Nord, found in Hjerim, in Windhelm
Cosnach – Breton, found in The Warrens, in Markarth.
Derkeethus – Argonian, found in Darkwater Pass.
Erik the Slayer – Nord, found in Frostfruit Inn, in Rorikstead.
Farkas – Nord, found in the Brill and Vignar, in Whiterun
Filnjar – Nord, found in his house, in Shor’s Stone.
Gat gro-Shargakh – Orc, found in Pavo’s House, in Kolskeggr Mine.
Ghorbash the Iron Hand – Orc, found in Burguk’s Longhouse, in Dushnikh Yal.
Marcurio – Imperial, found in Riften.
Moth gro-Bagol – Orc, found in Understone Keep, in Markarth.
Octieve San – Breton, found in Solitude.
Omluag – Breton, found in The Warrens, in Markarth.
Onmund – Nord, found in The Hall of Attainment, in the College of Winterhold.
Pavo Attius – Imperial, found in his house, in Kolskeggr Mine.
Perth – Breton, found in the Miner’s House, in Soljund’s Sinkhole.
Quintus Navale – Imperial, found in White Phial Services, in Windhelm.
Revyn Sadri – Dark Elf, found in Sadri’s Used Wares, in Windhelm.
Roggi Knot-Beard – Nord, found in Steamscorch Mine, in Kyne’s Grove.
Romlyn Dreth – Dark Elf, found in his house, in Riften.
Scouts-Many-Marshes – Argonian, found in the Argonian Assemblage, in Windhelm.
Sondas Drenim – Dark Elf, found in Goldenrock Mine, in Darkwater Crossing.
Sorex Vinius – Imperial, found in Solitude.
Stenvar – Nord, found in Windhelm.
Torvar – Nord, found in the Companion’s Faction House, in Whiterun.
Vilkas – Nord, also found in the Companion’s Faction House, in Whiterun.
Vorstag – Nord, found in Markarth.
Wilhelm – Nord, found in Ivarstead.

To add an item type in:

player.additem “code” # of item

To look up codes for items not found type in:

help “name of item” 0 – this will give you a full listing of codes that that
the search term in it.


000516C8 Deathbell Flower
0005ACDB OreCorundum
0005ACDD OreOrichakum
0005ACDE OreGold
0005ACDF OreSilver
0005ACE0 OreMoonstone
0005ACE1 OreMalachite
0005AC E2 OreQuicksilver
0005AC E3 ingotSilver
0005AC E4 Ingotlron
0005ACE5 IngotSteel
0005AD93 IngotCorundum
0005AD99 IngotOrichalcum
0005AD9D IngotEbony
0005AD9E IngotGold
0005AD9F IngotlMoonstone
0005ADA0 IngotQuicksilver
0005ADA1 IngotMalachite


00038341 FalmerArrow
00034182 DraugrArrow
000236DD TrapDart
00020F02 CWArrowShort
00020DDF CWArrow
000139C0 DaedricArrow
000139BF EbonyArrow
000139BE GlassArrow
000139BD ElvenArrow
000139BC Dwarven Arrow
000139BB Orcish Arrow
0001397F SteelArrow
0001397D IronArrow
0010EC8C DwaivenSphereBolt02
0010E2DE Foil owerlron Arrow
0010B0A7 bound Arrow
00109AB7 TrapDweBal istaBoltAmmo05
00109AB6 TrapDweBal istaBoltAmmo06
00109AB5 TrapDweBal istaBoltAmmo04
00109AB4 TrapDweBal istaBoltAmmo03
00109AB3 TrapDweBal istaBoltAmmo02
00105EE7 MQ101 Steel Arrow
OOOEAFDF Nord Hero Arrow
000E738A dunGeirmundSigdisArrowsIllusion
000CEE9E ForswornArrow
OOOCAB52 dunArcherPracticeArrow
000961D6 dunJaphetsFollyCWCatapultAmmo
0007B935 DwarvenSphereBoltOl
0007B932 DwarvenSphereArrow
00073FE6 CWCatapultAmmo
0006DA4F TrapDweBallistaBoltAmmoOl
0006A0BF DummyArrow
00052E99 FXDustDropAmmoTiny
00052E97 FXDustDropAmmoSm
0003BDF7 FXDustDropAmmoMed


player.addperk 000f2ca6
player.addperk 000153cd
player.addperk 000c44b7
player.addperk 00053128
player.addperk 00053129
player.addperk 0005312a
player.addperk 000c44b8
player.addperk 000c44b9
player.addperk 000581f7
player.addperk 000c44ba
player.addperk 000581fc
player.addperk 000d7999
player.addperk 000d799a
player.addperk 000d799b
player.addperk 000f2ca7
player.addperk 000c44bb
player.addperk 000c44bc
player.addperk 000c44bd
player.addperk 000c44be
player.addperk 000153ce
player.addperk 000640b3
player.addperk 000d799e
player.addperk 000d799c
player.addperk 000581dd
player.addperk 000581de
player.addperk 00105f30
player.addperk 00105f31
player.addperk 000cb419
player.addperk 000cb41a
player.addperk 000d5f1c
player.addperk 000f2ca8
player.addperk 000c44bf
player.addperk 000c44c0
player.addperk 000c44c1
player.addperk 000c44c2
player.addperk 00105f32
player.addperk 000581e7
player.addperk 0010fcf8
player.addperk 000f392e
player.addperk 000581ea
player.addperk 0010fcf9
player.addperk 000f3933
player.addperk 00058200
player.addperk 0010fcfa
player.addperk 000f3f0e
player.addperk 000153cf
player.addperk 000153d2
player.addperk 000bee97
player.addperk 000c367c
player.addperk 000c367d
player.addperk 000c367e
player.addperk 000c367f
player.addperk 00058f80
player.addperk 00058f81
player.addperk 00058f82
player.addperk 00058f7e
player.addperk 00058f7d
player.addperk 00058f7f
player.addperk 00058f7c
player.addperk 00108a44
player.addperk 000f2ca9
player.addperk 000581e1
player.addperk 000581e2
player.addperk 000581fd
player.addperk 000c44c3
player.addperk 000c44c4
player.addperk 000c44c5
player.addperk 000c44c6
player.addperk 00059b77
player.addperk 00059b78
player.addperk 000c44b5
player.addperk 00059b76
player.addperk 000153d0
player.addperk 000f2caa
player.addperk 000c44c7
player.addperk 000c44c8
player.addperk 000c44c9
player.addperk 000c44ca
player.addperk 000581f4
player.addperk 000581f5
player.addperk 000a3f64
player.addperk 000581f8
player.addperk 000581e4
player.addperk 000581f9
player.addperk 000153d1
player.addperk 00068bcc
player.addperk 000babed
player.addperk 0007934a
player.addperk 0007934b
player.addperk 0007934d
player.addperk 00079354
player.addperk 00105f1c
player.addperk 00105f1e
player.addperk 00105f1f
player.addperk 00051b12
player.addperk 00058f63
player.addperk 00058f61
player.addperk 00058f62
player.addperk 00105f19
player.addperk 00103ada
player.addperk 00103adb
player.addperk 00058f64
player.addperk 000bccae
player.addperk 00079355
player.addperk 00079356
player.addperk 00079357
player.addperk 00079358
player.addperk 00058f68
player.addperk 00058f69
player.addperk 00106253
player.addperk 00058f67
player.addperk 0005f594
player.addperk 00058f66
player.addperk 00058f6a
player.addperk 000d8c33
player.addperk 000bcd2a
player.addperk 0007935e
player.addperk 00079361
player.addperk 00079362
player.addperk 00079374
player.addperk 00058f6e
player.addperk 000bcd2b
player.addperk 00058f6d
player.addperk 00058f6f
player.addperk 00058f6c
player.addperk 00107832
player.addperk 00105f33
player.addperk 000babe4
player.addperk 00079343
player.addperk 00079342
player.addperk 00079344
player.addperk 00079345
player.addperk 0005f56f
player.addperk 000c1e90
player.addperk 000c1e91
player.addperk 0005f592
player.addperk 000c1e92
player.addperk 000c1e93
player.addperk 00106256
player.addperk 00106257
player.addperk 00106258
player.addperk 00052d50
player.addperk 000cb406
player.addperk 0003af81
player.addperk 0003afa6
player.addperk 0003fffa
player.addperk 000c3678
player.addperk 000c3679
player.addperk 000cb40d
player.addperk 0005218e
player.addperk 000cb40e
player.addperk 000cb410
player.addperk 000cb412
player.addperk 000cb413
player.addperk 000cb40f
player.addperk 000cb414
player.addperk 000cb411
player.addperk 00052190
player.addperk 000babe8
player.addperk 00079346
player.addperk 00079347
player.addperk 00079348
player.addperk 00079349
player.addperk 00052d51
player.addperk 00052d52
player.addperk 000cb407
player.addperk 0003af9e
player.addperk 0003afa7
player.addperk 0003af83
player.addperk 000c1e94
player.addperk 000c1e95
player.addperk 000c5c05
player.addperk 000c5c06
player.addperk 000c5c07
player.addperk 0003af84
player.addperk 000c1e96
player.addperk 000c1e97
player.addperk 000be127
player.addperk 000c07ca
player.addperk 000c07cb
player.addperk 000c07cc
player.addperk 000c07cd
player.addperk 00058215
player.addperk 00058216
player.addperk 00058218
player.addperk 00105f2a
player.addperk 00105f2b
player.addperk 00058217
player.addperk 00105f2f
player.addperk 00105f2e
player.addperk 00105f2c
player.addperk 0005821d
player.addperk 000be123
player.addperk 00079376
player.addperk 00079389
player.addperk 00079391
player.addperk 00079392
player.addperk 00051b1b
player.addperk 00051b17
player.addperk 00051b1c
player.addperk 00105f22
player.addperk 00107831
player.addperk 000f392a
player.addperk 000be125
player.addperk 00106259
player.addperk 00107830
player.addperk 000c3680
player.addperk 000c3681
player.addperk 0005820a
player.addperk 00105f26
player.addperk 00058208
player.addperk 00058209
player.addperk 000c3682
player.addperk 000be124
player.addperk 00018e6a
player.addperk 00018e6b
player.addperk 00018e6c
player.addperk 00018e6d
player.addperk 00058202
player.addperk 00058204
player.addperk 000d79a0
player.addperk 00058201
player.addperk 00058205
player.addperk 00096590
player.addperk 00105f28
player.addperk 000be126
player.addperk 000c07c6
player.addperk 000c07c7
player.addperk 000c07c8
player.addperk 000c07c9
player.addperk 00058210
player.addperk 001036f0
player.addperk 00058211
player.addperk 00058213
player.addperk 0005820c
player.addperk 00105f23
player.addperk 00105f24
player.addperk 00058214
player.addperk 000be128
player.addperk 000c07ce
player.addperk 000c07cf
player.addperk 000c07d0
player.addperk 000c07d1
player.addperk 00058f75
player.addperk 00058f7a
player.addperk 00058f7b
player.addperk 00058f79
player.addperk 001090a5
player.addperk 00058f72
player.addperk 001090a2
player.addperk 00105f29


0001895F FirebrandWine
0002C35A FoodBlackBriarMead
0003133B FoodWineAlto
0003133C FoodWineBottle02
00034C5D FoodMead
00034C5E Ale
00036D53 MQ201Drink
0003988E FortifySki II Alteration02
00039899 FortifySki II Alteration03
0003989A FortifySki II Alteration04
0003989B FortifySkillBlock02
000398AB FortifySkillBlock03
000398AC FortifySkillBlock04
000398AD FortifySkillConjuration02
000398EC FortifySkillConjuration03
000398ED FortifySkillConjuration04
000398EE FortifySki IIDestruction02
000398Fl FortifySki IIDestruction03
000398F3 FortifySki IIDestruction04
000398F4 FortifySkillHeavyArmor02
000398F5 FortifySkillHeavyArmor03
000398F6 FortifySkillHeavyArmor04
000398FD FortifySki II Li ghtArmot02
00039903 FortifySki II Li ghtArmot03
00039904 FortifySki II Li ghtArmor04
00039930 FortifySki IILockpickingOl
00039945 FortifySki IILockpicking02
00039946 FortifySki IILockpicking03
00039948 FortifySkill Lockpicking04
00039949 FortifySkillMarksman02
0003994B FortifySkillMarksman03
0003994E FortifySkillMarksman04
0003994F FortifySki 1 IIIlusi on02
00039950 FortifySki 1 IIIlusi on03
00039951 FortifySki 1 IIIlusi on04
00039954 FortifySkillOneHanded02
00039955 FortifySkillOneHanded03
00039956 FortifySkillOneHanded04
00039957 FortifySkillPickpocket02
00039958 FortifySkillPickpocket04
00039959 FortifySkillPickpocket03
0003995A FortifySki II Restorati on02
0003995B FortifySki II Restorati on03
0003995C FortifySki 11 Restorati on04
0003995D FortifySki IISmithing02
00039962 FortifySki IISmithing03
00039967 FortifySkill Smithing04
00039968 FortifySkillSneak02
00039969 FortifySkillSneak03
0003996F FortifySkillSneak04
00039970 Fo rtifySki IIBarter02
00039971 FortifySkillBarter03
00039973 FortifySkillBarter04
00039974 FortifySkillTwoHanded02
00039980 FortifySkillTwoHanded03
00039AA6 FortifySkillTwoHanded04
00039BOC FortifyStaminaRate03
00039B4A ResistFire25
00039B4B ResistFire75
00039B8A ResistFrost25
00039BDF ResistFrost75
00039BE1 ResistShock25
00039BE3 ResistShock75
00039BE4 RestoreHealth05
00039BE5 RestoreHealth06
00039BE6 RestoreMagicka05
00039BE7 RestoreM a g i c ka06
00039BE8 RestoreStamina02
00039CF3 RestoreStamina06
00039CFB FortifySki II En ch a ntingOl
00039D02 FortifySki II En ch a nting02
00039DOA FortifySki II En ch a nting03
00039D12 FortifySki II En ch a nting04
00039E52 ResistMagic25
00039E53 ResistMagic50
00039E54 ResistMagic75
00039E55 ResistMagiclOO
0003A5A4 DamageHealthOl
0003AC2E WaterbreathingOl
0003AC2F Waterbreathing02
0003AC30 Waterbreathing03
0003AC31 Waterbreathing04
0003EADD RestoreHealthOl
0003EADE RestoreHealth02
0003EADF RestoreHealth03
0003EAE0 RestoreMagickaOl
0003EAE1 RestoreMagicka02
0003EAE2 RestoreMagicka03
0003EAE3 RestoreHealth04
0003EAE4 RestoreMagicka04
0003EAE5 RestoreStaminaOl
0003EAE6 RestoreStamina05
0003EAE7 RestoreStamina03
0003EAE8 RestoreStamina04
0003EAE9 ResistFire50
0003EAED ResistFrost50
0003EAEE ResistShock50
0003EAEF ResistFirelOO
0003EAF0 ResistFrostlOO
0003EAF1 ResistShocklOO
0003EAF2 FortifyHealthOl
0003EAF4 FortifyHealth02
0003EAF5 FortifyHealth04
0003EAF6 FortifyHealth03
0003EAF7 FortifyMagickaOl
0003EAFA FortifyMagicka02
0003EAFB FortifyMagicka03
0003EAFC FortifyMagicka04
0003EAFD FortifyStaminaOl
0003EAFE FortifyStamina03
0003EAFF FortifyStamina04
0003EB00 FortifyStamina02
0003EB02 FortifyCarryOl
0003EB03 FortifyCarry03
0003EB04 FortifyCarry04
0003EB05 FortifyCarry02
0003EB09 FortifyHealRateOl
0003EB0A FortifyHealRate02
0003EB0B FortifyHealRate03
0003EB0C FortifyHealRate04
0003EB0D FortifyMagickaRateOl
0003EB0E FortifyMagickaRate02
0003EB0F FortifyMagickaRate03
0003EB10 FortifyMagickaRate04
0003EB11 FortifyStaminaRateOl
0003EB12 FortifyStaminaRate02
0003EB14 FortifyStaminaRate04
0003EB2A FortifySkillOneHandedOl
0003EB2B FortifySkillTwoHandedOl
0003EB2C FortifySkillMarksmanOl
0003EB2E FortifySki HSmithingOl
0003EB2F FortifySkillHeavyArmorOl
0003EB30 FortifySki II Li ghtArmotOl
0003EB31 FortifySkillPickpocketOl
0003EB32 FortifySkillBlockOl
0003EB33 FortifySkillSneakOl
0003EB35 FortifySkillBarterOl
0003EB36 FortifySki II AlterationOl
0003EB37 FortifySkillConjurationOl
0003EB38 FortifySki IIDestructionOl
0003EB39 FortifySki 1 III lu si onOl
0003EB3A FortifySki II Restorati onOl
0003EB3E InvisibilityOl
0003EB3F Invisibility03
0003EB40 Invisibility02
0003EB41 Invisibility04
0003F4BD WindhelmDoubleDistilledSkooma
000508CA FoodHonningbrewMead
000555E8 FreeformDragonBridgeMead
0005566A MarkarthBothelaPotion
0005629E DefaultPoison
0005661F DefaultPotion
00057A7A Skooma
00057A7B FreeformAngasMillKordirsSkooma
00058CFB DB03Poison
0005F6DF DA16TorporPotion
00064B2E FoodApple
00064B2F FoodApple02
00064B30 FoodBoiledCremeTreat
00064B31 FoodCheeseWedgeOl
00064B32 FoodCheeseWedge02
00064B33 FoodCheeseWheelOlA
00064B34 FoodCheeseWheel02A
00064B35 FoodCheeseWheelOlB
00064B36 FoodCheeseWheel02B
00064B38 Food H on eyN utTreat
00064B39 FoodLongTaffyTreat
00064B3A FoodPotatoesBaked
00064B3B FoodSalmonCooked
00064B3C FoodSlaughterfishCooked
00064B3D FoodSweetroll
00064B3E FoodLeeksGrilled
00064B3F FoodCabbage
00064B40 FoodCarrot
00064B41 FoodPotato
00064B42 FoodTomato
00064B43 FoodPie
00065A64 CurePoison
00065A65 DamageMagickaOl
00065A66 DamageStaminaOl
00065A68 FeatOl
00065A69 FrenzyOl
00065A6A ParalyzeOl
00065A6B WeaknessFireOl
00065A6C WeaknessFrostOl
00065A6D WeaknessShock02
00065A6E WeaknessMagicOl
00065A6F DamageHealthLingetOl
00065A70 DamageMagickaLingetOl
00065A71 DamageStaminaLingetOl
00065C37 RiftenSpecialOl
00065C38 RiftenSpecial02
00065C39 RiftenSpecial03
00065C97 FoodBreadOlA
00065C98 FoodBreadOlB
00065C99 FoodBeef
00065C9A FoodGoatMeat
00065C9B FoodHorkerMeat
00065C9C FoodHorseMeat
00065C9D FoodPheasant
00065C9E FoodRabbit
00065C9F FoodSalmon
000663E1 IVDGhostPotion
000669A2 FoodVenison
000669A3 FoodMammothCheeseBowl
000669A4 FoodMammothMeat
000669A5 FoodLeek
0006A07E DummyPotion
000721E8 FoodBeefCooked
0007224C FoodGoatMeatCooked
0007224E FoodHorkerMeatCooked
000722BO FoodHorseMeatCooked
000722BB FoodMammothMeatCooked
000722BD FoodVenisonCooked
000722C2 FoodRabbitCooked
000722C7 FoodPheasantCooked
00073F31 DamageHealth02
00073F32 DamageHealth03
00073F33 DamageHealth04
00073F34 DamageHealth05
00073F35 DamageHealthLinget02
00073F36 DamageHealthLinget03
00073F37 DamageHealthLinger04
00073F38 DamageHealthLinget05
00073F39 DamageMagicka02
00073F3A DamageMagicka03
00073F3B DamageMagicka04
00073F3C DamageMagicka05
00073F3D DamageMagickaLinget02
00073F3E DamageMagickaLinger03
00073F3F DamageMagickaLinger04
00073F40 DamageMagickaLinget05
00073F41 DamageStamina02
00073F42 DamageStamina03
00073F43 DamageStamina04
00073F44 DamageStamina05
00073F45 DamageStaminaLinget02
00073F46 DamageStaminaLinger03
00073F47 DamageStaminaLinger04
00073F48 DamageStaminaLinget05
00073F49 WeaknessFire02
00073F4A WeaknessFire03
00073F4B WeaknessFire04
00073F4C WeaknessFire05
00073F4D WeaknessFrost02
00073F4E WeaknessFrost03
00073F4F WeaknessFrost04
00073F50 WeaknessFrost05
00073F52 WeaknessShockOl
00073F53 WeaknessShock03
00073F54 WeaknessShock04
00073F55 WeaknessShock05
00073F56 WeaknessMagic02
00073F57 WeaknessMagic03
00073F58 WeaknessMagic04
00073F59 WeaknessMagic05
00073F5A Frenzy02
00073F5B Frenzy03
00073F5C Frenzy04
00073F5D Frenzy05
00073F5E Fear02
00073F5F Fear03
00073F60 Fear04
00073F61 Fear05
00073F8B DamageStaminaRateOl
00073F8C DamageStaminaRate02
00073F8D DamageStaminaRate03
00073F8E DamageStaminaRate04
00073F90 DamageMagickaRecoveryOl
00073F91 DamageMagickaRecovery02
00073F92 DamageMagickaRecovery03
00073F93 DamageMagickaRecovery04
00073F94 DamageMagickaRecovery05
00074A38 Paralyze02
00074A39 Paralyze03
00074A3A Paralyze04
00074A3B Paralyze05
00076F17 TGOOFalmerBlood
00085368 FoodSolitudeSpicedWine
0009380D Al eWh item n Quest
000A9661 DA14Water
000AE723 CureDisease
000AED90 dunSleepingTreeCampSap
000B91D7 WEDL03CyrodilicBrandy
000C5348 FoodWineBottle02A
000C5349 FoodWineAltoA
OOOCADFB FavorFoodMarkarthSpicedBeef
000CD614 FoodMarriageMeal
000CD883 FavorNightshadeExtract
000D055E FavorSorexRum
000D6948 FortifySkillPersuasionOl
000D6949 FortifySkillPersuasion02
000D697F FortifySkillPersuasion03
000D6980 FortifySkillPersuasion04
000DC172 TGTQ02BalmoraBlue
000E2D3D CWOlBWraithPoison
000E41B8 FrostbiteVenom
000E6DF5 BladesPotion
000E8448 FoodCharredSkeeverMeat
000E8947 FoodChickenCooked
000EBA01 FoodAppleCabbageStew
000EBA02 FoodCabbageSoup
000EBA03 FoodClamMeat
000EDB2E FoodDogMeat
000F1464 Defa u ItP oti on RackPoti on Marker
000F2011 FoodChicken
000F257E MS14WineAltoA
000F4314 FoodBeef Stew
000F4315 FoodHorkerStew
000F431B FoodCabbagePotatoSoup
000F431C FoodTomatoSoup
000F431D FoodVenison Stew
000F431E FoodVegetableSoup
000F4320 FoodElsweyrFondue
000F693F FoodBlackBriarMeadP rivateReserve
000F84A7 TG Potion of La rcenyOl
000F84A8 TG Potion of La rceny02
000F84A9 TG Potion of La rceny03
000F84AA TG Potion of La rceny04
000F84AB TG Potion of La rceny05
000F84AC TG Potion of La rceny06
000F84AE TGPotionofEscapeOl
000F84AF TGPotionofEscape02
000F84B0 TGPotionofEscape03
000F84B1 TGPotionofEscape04
000F84B2 TGPotionofEscape05
000F84B3 TGPotionofEscape06
000F84B5 TGPotionofConflictOl
000F84B6 TGPotionofConflict02
000F84B7 TGPotionofConflict03
000F84B8 TGPotionofConflict04
000F84B9 TGPotionofConflict05
000F84BA TGPotionofConflict06
000F84BB TG Potion of Keen ShotOl
000F84BC TG Potion of Keen Shot02
000F84BD TG Potion of Keen Shot03
000F84BE TG Potion of Keen Shot04
000F84BF TG Potion of Keen Shot05
000F84C0 TG Potion of Keen Shot06
000F84C1 TGPotionofPlundetOl
000F84C2 TGPotionofPlundet02
000F84C3 TGPotionofPlundet03
000F84C4 TGPotionofPlunder04
000F84C5 TGPotionofPlundet05
000F84C6 TGPotionofPlunder06
000F9642 crlceWra ith Resi stFrost25
000FF9FC FortifyHealth05
000FF9FD FortifyMagicka05
000FF9FE FortifyCarry05
000FF9FF FortifyHealRate05
OOOFFAOO FortifyMagickaRate05
000FFA01 FortifyStamina05
000FFA02 FortifyStaminaRate05
00102019 MS12WPResistMagic50
0010201A MS12WPFortifyStamina01
0010201B MS12WPFortifySkillSneak03
0010201C MS12WPFortifyMagicka01
0010201D MS12WPFortifySkillOneHanded04
0010201E MS12WPRestoreHealth04
0010211A DA03FoodMammothMeat
0010394D FoodHoney
00107A8A MQlOUuniperMead
0010D666 FoodGourd

Weapons + perks ID (for others use console commands)

000153CD AlterationDualCasting
000153CE ConjurationDualCasting
000153CF DestructionDualCasting
000153D0 IllusionDualCasting
000153D1 RestorationDualCasting
000153D2 Impact
0001711C DBWellFitted
0001711E TGWellFitted
00018E6A LightFingers20
00018E6B LightFingers40
00018E6C LightFingers60
00018E6D LightFingersSO
0001BAC9 doomSteedEncumberPerk
0002BA1D PlayerWerewolfFeed
0003AF81 SavageStrike
0003AF83 DeepWounds30
0003AF84 Skullcrusher30
0003AF9E Sweep
0003AFA6 Paralyzing Strike
0003AFA7 Warm aster
0003FFFA HackAndSlash30
00051B12 HuntersDiscipline
00051B17 MatchingSet
00051B1A RangeOf Movement
00051B1B CustomFit
00051B1C Unhindered
0005218E ArcaneBlacksmith
00052190 DragonArmor
00052D50 FightingStance
00052D51 ChampionsStance
00052D52 Devastating Blow
00053128 MagicResistance30
00053129 MagicResistance50
0005312A MagicResistance70
000581DD Necromancy
000581DE DarkSouls
000581E1 Animage
000581E2 KindredMage
000581E4 Necromage
000581E7 AugmentedFlames
000581E8 TestFireMage
000581E9 FireMastery
000581EA AugmentedFrost
000581EB TestFrostMage
000581EC FrostMastery
000581ED TestLightningMage
000581EE Storm Mastery
000581F4 Recovery30
000581F5 Recovery50
000581F7 atronach
000581F8 Regeneration
000581F9 Respite
000581FC Stability
000581FD QuietCasting
00058200 AugmentedShock
00058201 Misdirection
00058202 NightThief
00058204 Cutpurse
00058205 PerfectTouch
00058208 Locksmith
00058209 Unbreakable
0005820A GoldenTouch
0005820C LightFoot
00058210 Backstab
00058211 AssassinsBlade
00058213 Muffled Movement
00058214 ShadowWarrior
00058215 Physician
00058216 Benefactor
00058217 Poisoner
00058218 Experimenter50
00058219 Im proved Rem edy
0005821A Im proved Virulity
0005821B Catalyst
0005821D Purity
00058F61 EagleEye30
00058F62 PowerShot
00058F63 Ranger
00058F64 Bullseye
00058F66 DisarmingBash
00058F67 PowerBashPerk
00058F68 DeflectArrows
00058F69 Elemental Protection
00058F6A ShieldCharge
00058F6C To werOf Strength
00058F6D Conditioning
00058F6E FistsOf Steel
00058F6F WellFitted
00058F72 Bribery
00058F75 Allure
00058F78 SilverTongue
00058F79 fence
00058F7A Merchant
00058F7B Investor
00058F7C SoulSqueezer
00058F7D CorpusEnchanter
00058F7E InsightfulEnchanter
00058F7F Extra Effect
00058F80 FireEnchanter
00058F81 FrostEnchanter
00058F82 StormEnchanter
00059B76 MasterOfTheMind
00059B77 HypnoticGaze
00059B78 AspectOfTerror
0005CEBE MQlOlReduceDamage
0005CEC0 MQlOlReduceAttackDamage
0005F56F Bladesman30
0005F592 BoneBreaker30
0005F594 DeadlyBash
000640B3 MysticBinding
00068BCC wardAbsorb
0006BC37 MGEnthirVendorPerk
000727FB TOlDi bell a Reward
00079342 Armsman40
00079343 Armsman20
00079344 Armsman60
00079345 Armsman80
00079346 Barbarian20
00079347 Barbarian40
00079348 Barbarian60
00079349 Barbarian80
0007934A Overdraw20
0007934B Overdraw40
0007934D Overdraw60
00079354 OverdrawSO
90079355 ShieldWall20
00079356 ShieldWall40
00079357 ShieldWall60
00079358 ShieldWall80
0007935E Juggernaut20
00079361 Juggernaut40
00079362 Juggernaut60
00079374 Juggernaut80
00079376 AgileDefender20
00079389 AgileDefender40
00079391 AgileDefender60
00079392 AgileDefender80
00079AF5 DA04 B1 ood H a rvestP erk
00096590 Extra Pockets
000A3F64 Avoid Death
000A725C AlchemySki II Boosts
000AEC05 PlayerUnderforgeAccessPerk
000BABE4 ArmsmanOO
000BABE8 BarbarianOO
000BABED OverdrawOO
000BCD2A JuggernautOO
000BCD2B Cushioned
000BE123 AgileDefendetOO
000BE124 LightFingersOO
000BE125 ApprenticeLocks25
000BE126 StealthOO
000BE127 AlchemistOO
000BE128 HagglingOO
000BEE97 EnchantetOO
000C07C6 Stealth20
000C07C7 Stealth40
000C07C8 Stealth60
000C07C9 StealthSO
000C07CA Alchemist20
000C07CB Alchemist40
000C07CC Alchemist60
000C07CD Alchemist80
000C07CE Haggling20
000C07CF Haggling40
000C07D0 Haggling60
000C07D1 Haggling80
000C1E90 Bladesman60
000C1E91 Bladesman90
000C1E92 BoneBreaker60
000C1E93 BoneBreaker90
000C1E94 DeepWounds60
000C1E95 DeepWounds90
000C1E96 Skullcrusher60
000C1E97 Skullcrushet90
000C3678 HackAndSlash60
000C3679 HackAndSlash90
000C367C Enchanter20
000C367D Enchanter40
000C367E Enchanter60
000C367F Enchanter80
000C3680 AdeptLocks50
000C3681 ExpertLocks75
000C3682 MasterLockslOO
000C44B5 Rage
000C44B7 AlterationApprentice25
000C44B8 Alteration Ad ept50
000C44B9 AlterationExpert75
000C44BA AlterationMasterlOO
000C44BB ConjurationApprentice25
000C44BC ConjurationAdept50
000C44BD ConjurationExpert75
000C44BE ConjurationMasterlOO
000C44BF DestructionApprentice25
000C44C0 DestructionAdept50
000C44C1 DestructionExpert75
000C44C2 DestructionMasterlOO
000C44C3 IllusionApprentice25
000C44C4 IllusionAdeptSO
000C44C5 IllusionExpert75
000C44C6 IllusionMasterlOO
000C44C7 RestorationApprentice25
000C44C8 Restoration Ad ept50
000C44C9 RestorationExpert75
000C44CA RestorationMasterlOO
000C5BFB LightTouchOO
000C5BFC LightTouch20
000C5BFD LightTouch40
000C5BFE LightTouch60
000C5BFF LightTouch80
000C5C05 Limbsplitter30
000C5C06 Limbsplitter60
000C5C07 Limbsplitter90
000CB405 SavageBlows
000CB406 CriticalCharge
000CB407 GreatCriticalCharge
000CB40D SteelSmithing
000CB40E DwarvenSmithing
000CB40F ElvenSmithing
000CB410 OrcishSmithing
000CB411 GlassSmithing
000CB412 EbonySmithing
000CB413 DaedricSmithing
000CB414 Adva n c ed Arm ors
000CB419 Atromancy
000CB41A Elemental Potency
000CC799 T02 Mara Reward
000CF02C VampireFeed
000CF788 PerkSkillBoosts
000D2059 ghost ExtraDamagePerk
000D205B ghostHalfDamagePerk
000D55F7 MSIllnvestigationB1ockActivati
000D5F1C TwinSouls
000D7999 MageArmor30
000D799A MageArmor50
000D799B MageArmor70
000D799C OblivionBinding
000D799E SoulStealer
000D79A0 KeyM aster
000D8C33 QuickReflexes
000E40C0 PowerOrcBerserk
000E5F46 doomThiefPerk
000E5F49 doomMagePerk
000E5F4A doomWarriorPerk
000E5F4F doomAtronachPerk
000E5F57 doomLoverPerk
000E5F60 doomSteedPerk
000E6805 MQBIadesBlessing
000E6DF0 MQBIadesDragonResearch
000E7326 doomTowerPerk
000E7509 Headsman
000E8279 MQGreybeardsFus
000E827A MQGreybeardsFeim
000E827B MQGreybeardsYol
000E863F MQ105PhantomFormPerk
000E997B MQ304IncreaseAlduinDamage
000EB24A Invu 1 n era bl eActorZeroIn com…
000EE5C3 DAllCannibalism
000F0833 PowerNordBattleCryPerk
000F11A9 AllowShoutingPerk
000F2CA6 AlterationNoviceOO
000F2CA7 C o nj u rati on N ovi c eOO
000F2CA8 Destru cti on N ovi c eOO
000F2CA9 IllusionNoviceOO
000F2CAA Restorati on N ovi c eOO
000F392A NoviceLocksOO
000F392E IntenseFlames
000F3933 DeepFreeze
000F3F0E Disintegrate
000F5B56 VampireSkillsPerk
000F5D2F dunMossMotherPerk
000F5FF7 MarriageMealPerk
000F5FF9 MQBIadesDragonlnfusion
000F8303 DA05HircinesRingPerk
000F8305 DA05HircinesRingCursedPerk
000F8307 T03 Kyn a reth Rewa rd
000F8308 C06 B1 a d eOfYsg ra m orP erk
000FA2C4 crExtraDamage04
000FA2C5 crExtraDamage03
000FA2C6 crExtraDamage05
000FB980 Rested Perk
000FE304 TorchBashPerk
000FF15B DBBackstab
00101075 crExtraDamage02
00101076 crExtraDamage06
001036FO DeadlyAim
00103A8F crExtraDamage015
00103A90 crExtraDamage025
00103A91 crExtraDamage035
00103A92 crExtraDamage045
00103ADA SteadyHand40
00103ADB SteadyHand60
001041A9 MQlOlIncreaseDetection
001046BD crDragonResistNPCs
0010582A dunTargeOfTheBloodedPerk
00105874 TGNightingaleShadowPerk
00105A03 dunKatariahScimitarPerk
00105F19 QuickShot
00105F1A TrickShot
00105F1C CriticalShot30
00105F1E CriticalShot60
00105F1F CriticalShot90
00105F22 WindWalker
00105F23 SilentRoll
00105F24 Silence
00105F26 TreasureHunter
00105F28 Poisoned
00105F29 Intimidation
00105F2A Experimenter70
00105F2B Experimented
00105F2C Snakeblood
00105F2E GreenThumb
00105F2F ConcentratedPoison
00105F30 Summoner30
00105F31 Summoner70
00105F32 RuneMaster
00105F33 ReflectBlows
00106092 doomRitualPerk
00106253 BlockRunner
00106256 DualFlurry30
00106257 DualFlurry50
00106258 DualSavagery
00106259 QuickHands
001069BB MS02ReduceDamage
00106AD2 M G R21 Destru cti on C ost
001076F5 M G R21 Destru cti on M a g
001076F7 MGR21 Alteration Cost
001076F8 MGR21AlterationDur
001076F9 MGR21 Conjuration Cost
001076FA MGR21ConjurationDur
001076FB MGR21IllusionCost
001076FC MGR21IllusionDur
001076FD MGR21 Restorati on Cost
001076FE MGR21RestorationMag
00107830 WaxKey
00107831 DeftMovement
00107832 MatchingSetHeavy
00107E29 crReduceDamage05
00107E2C dunHunterQstPerk
00108A44 SoulSiphon
001090A2 Persuasion
001090A3 TempPersl
001090A4 TempPers2
001090A5 MasterTrader
00109639 DragonhideSpellPerk
00109C1B MQlOlBearReduceDamage
00109DOD crSprigganResistDamageWhi…
00109D7A crFalmerPoisonOl
00109D82 crFalmerPoison02
00109D83 crFalmerPoison03
00109D84 crFalmerPoison04
00109D85 crFalmerPoison05
0010B1D9 CWSoldierExtraDamageToPI…
0010BEA8 crWoundedSpider
0010BF0A NNOlPerk
0010BF7D CWGuardExtraDamageToPla…
0010C041 crNerfDamage05
0010C708 MS02IncreaseDamage
0010CB92 dunFrostflowAbyssPerk
0010D1E1 crExtraDamage0112
0010D685 SilverPerk
0010D969 RestedWellPerk
0010D96A Rested M a rri a g eP erk
0010E001 MQlOlSpiderReduceDamage
0010EC8D crReduceDamage075
0010F13F TGSkeletonKeyPerk
0010F1EC VampireSkillsPerk02
0010F21E TGOOPickpockethelper
0010F934 DualFlurryActive
0010F9DB MGArchMageVendorPerk
0010FAED DA08EbonyBladePerk
0010FCF8 AugmentedFlames60
0010FCF9 AugmentedFrost60
0010FCFA AugmentedShock60
0010FE04 IrilethVsDragons
00089605 EnchIronDaggerMagicka01
00089606 EnchIrcnDaggerMagicka02
00089607 EnchlronDaggerMagicka03
00089608 EnchlronGreatsv otdMagickaOl
00089609 EnchlronGreatswordMagicka02
000896DA EnchIronGreatswordMagicka03
000896DB E n c hlro nWa rhammerMagickaOl
000896DC EnchIronWarhammerMagicka02
000896DD EnchIronWarhammerMagicka03
000896DE EnchIronMaceSoulTrap02
000896DF EnchIronMaceSoulTrap03
000896E0 En chlron Sword Sou ITrap02
000896El EnchIronSwordSoulTrap03
000896E2 EnchlronWarAxeSoulTrap02
000896E3 EnchlronWa rAxeSoufTf ap03
000896E4 EnchlronWarhammefSoulTrapOl
000896E5 EnchlronWarhammerSoulTrap02
000896E6 EnchIronWarhammerSoulTrap03
000896E7 E n c hlro n Battl eaxeSo u IT ra pOl
000896E8 EnchIronBattleaxeSoulTrap02
000896E9 EnchIronBattleaxeSoulTrap03
000896EA EnchlronDaggerSoulTrapOl
000896EB EnchIronDaggerSoulTrap02
000896EC EnchIrcnC3ggerSoulTrap03
000896ED EnchltonGreatswordSoulTrapOl
000896EE EnchIronGreatswordSoulTrap02
000896EF En c hlro n G reatswo rdSo u IT ra p03
000896F0 EnchlronBattleaxeTumOl
000896F1 EnchIronBattleaxeTurn02
000896F2 EnchIronBattleaxeTurn03
000896F3 EnchlronDaggerTurnOl
000896F4 EnchIronDaggerTurn02
000896F5 EnchIronDaggerTurn03
000896F6 EnchlronGreatswordTurnOl
000896F7 EnchIronGreatswordTurn02
000896F8 EnchlronGreatsv ordTurn03
000896F9 EnchlronWarhammerTurnOl
000896FA Enc hIronWartiammerTum02
000896FB EnchironWarhammefTum03
000896FC EnchlronBattleaxeStaminaOl
000896FD Enc hlro nBattleaxeStamina02
000896FE En chlron Battl eaxeStamina03
000896FF EnchlronDaggerStaminaOl
00089700 EnchIronDaggerStamina02
00089701 EnchIronDaggerStamina03
00089702 EnchlronGreatswordStaminaOl
00089703 En chlron GreatswordStamina02
00089704 Enchlro nG reatswordStamina03
00089705 EnchlronWarhammerStaminaOl
00089706 Enc hlro n Wa rha m m erSt a m i n a02
00089707 EnchIronWarhammerStamina03
00089708 EnchlronBattleaxeFearOl
00089709 E nc hlro n BattleaxeFea r02
0008970A Enc hlro nBattleaxeFear03
0008970B EnchlronDaggerFearOl
0008970C EnchIronDaggerFear02
00089700 EnchIronDaggerFear03
0008970E En chlron GreatswordFearOl
0008970F EnchlronGreatsv ordFear02
00089710 EnchIrcnGreat5wcfdFear03
00089711 Enc hlro nMaceFearOl
00089712 Enc hlro nMaceFear02
00089713 EnchIronMaceFear03
00089714 Enc hlro nSwordFearOl
00089715 Enc hlro nSwo rd F ea r02
00089716 Enc hlro nSwordFear03
00089717 Enc hlro nWarAxeFearOl
00089718 En chlron WarAxeFear02
00089719 En chlron WarAxeFear03
0008971A EnchlronWarhammerFearOl
00089718 EnchlronWarhammerFear02
0008971C EnchIronWarhamm«rFea(03
0008ADFB dunVolunruudRelicOl
0008ADFC dun’.clunruudPelic02
0008FFDE dunVolunruudOkin
0008FFDF dunVolunruudEduj
000940D8 FavorNelacarStaffFear
000946FC FFSteelGreatswordBalgruuf
00094A2B dunAnsilvundGhostblade
000956B5 C06BladeOfYsgramor
000964C9 DBBIadeOfWoeAstrid
0009B2B2 BluePalaceWabbajack
0009CAF3 EnchHuntingBowFirel
0009CCDC D BB ladeOfWoeReward
0009F25C Skyf o rgeSteelSwo rd
0009F25D SkyforgeSteelOagger
0009F25E SkyforgeSteelGreatsword
0009F25F SkyforgeSteelBattleaxe
0009F260 SkvforaeSteelWarAxe
0009FD50 dunRedEagleSwordBase
0000A3U5 NotdHeroGreatsword
000A4OCE dunHagsEndDagger
00QA56CE EnchSteelBattleaxeFirel
000A56CF EnchSteelBattleaxeFire2
000A56D0 EnchSteelBattleaxeFire3
000A5DEF dunGeirmundSigdisBc.’.<!2
000A5DFO dunGeirmundSigdisBowlllusion
000A6975 En ch Steel BattleaxeFrostOl
000A6976 En ch Steel BattleaxeFrost02
000A6977 En ch Steel BattleaxeFrost03
000A6978 EnchSteelBattleaxeFearl
000A6979 EnchSteelBattleaxeFear2
000A697A Ench Steel BattleaxeFear3
000A697B EnchSteelBattleaxeShockl
000A697C EnchSteelBattleaxeShock2
000A697O Enc hSteel BattleaxeShock3
000A697E EnchSteelBattleaxeMagickal
000A697F EnchSteelBattleaxeMagicka2
OO0A6980 EnchSteelBattleaxeMagicka3
000A6981 EnchSteelBattleaxeSoulTrapl
000A6982 EnchSteelBattleaxeSoulTrap2
000A6983 EnchSteelBattleaxeSoulTrap3
000A6984 EnchSteelBattleaxeStaminal
000A6985 EnchSteelBattleaxeStamina2
000A6986 EnchSteelBattleaxeStamina3
000A6987 EnchSteelBattleaxeTurnl
0OOA69SS EnchSteelBattleaxeTurn2
000A6989 EnchSteelBattleaxeTurn3
000A698A Enc hSteel G reatswo rdFearOl
000A698B En c hSteel G reatswo r d F ta r02
000A698C EnchStee)GreatswordFea(03
000A698D EnchSteelGreatswordFireOl
000A698E E nc hSteeIG reatswo rd F i re02
000A698F En chSteeIG reatswo rdFire03
000A6990 Ench Steel G reatswo rdFrostOl
000A6991 EnchSteelGreatswordFrost02
0O0A6992 Ench Steel G reatswo rdFrost03
000A6993 EnchSteelGreatswordMagickaOl
000A6994 EnchSteelGreatswordMagicka02
0OOA6995 EnchSteelGreatswordMagicka03
000A6996 EnchSteelGreatswordShockQl
000A6997 EnchStee)GreatswordShock02
0O0A6998 En c hSteel G reatswo rdShoc k03
OO0A6999 EnchSteelGreatswordSoulT ra pOl
000A699A EnchSteelGreatswordSoulTrap02
000A699B EnchSteelGreatswordSoulT rap03
000A699C EnchSteelGreatswordStaminaOl
000A699D EnchSteelGreatswordStamina02
0O0A699E Ench Steel G reatswo rdStamina03
000A699F EnchSteelGreatswordTurnOl
000A69A0 EnchSteelGreatswordTurn02
000A69A1 EnchSteelGreatswordTurn03
000A69A2 EnchSteelWarhammerFearl
000A69A3 EnchSteelWarhammerFear2
0O0A69A4 E nc hSteelWa rham merFear3
000A69A5 EnchSteelWarhammerFirel
000A69A6 EnchSteelWa rha mmerf irc2
OO0A69A7 EnchStedWartiammefffostl
000A69A8 EnchSteelWarhammerFrost2
000A69A9 EnchSteelWarhammerMagickal
000A69AA EnchSteelWarhammerMagicka2
000A69AB EnchSteelWarhammerMagicka3
000A69AC EnchSteelWarhammerShockl
000A69AD EnchSteelWarhammerShock2
000A69AE EnchSteelWarhammerShock3
000A69AF EnchSteelWarhammerSoulTrapl
000A69B0 EnchSteelWarhammerSoulTrap2
000A69B1 EnchSteelWarhammerSoulTrap3
000A69B2 E n c hSteelWa rha m merSta m i nal
OO0A69B3 En c hSteelWa rha m merSta m i n a2
000A69B4 EnchSteeJWarhammefStamina3
000A69B5 EnchSteelWarhammerTuml
000A69B6 EnchSteelWarhammerTurn2
000A69B7 EnchSteelWarhammerTurn3
000A69B8 EnchSteelMaceFearl
000A69B9 EnchSteelMaceFear2
000A69BA EnchSteelMaceMagickal
000A69BB EnchSteelMaceMagicka2
000A69BC EnchSteelMaceMagicka3
000A69BD EnchSteelMaceSoulTrapl
000A69BE EnchSteelMaceSoulTrap2
0OOA69BF Enc hSteel MaceSou IT rap3
OO0A69CO EnchSteel Mac eSta m i nal
0O0A69C1 EnchSteelMaceStamina2
000A69C2 EnchSteelMaceStamina3
000A69a EnchSteelMaceTurnl
000A69C4 EchSteelMaceTurn2

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