Rii 8+ 2.4GHz Backlit Wireless Keypad

Rii 8+ 2.4GHz Backlit Wireless Mini Handheld Remote Keypad

I use my Raspberry Pi a lot.  Since it’s set up as a tablet I can take it anywhere.   The only downfall is if I want to use the desktop, I need to pack around a full-on keyboard and mouse.  So I looked online for a Keypad with a touchpad and found the Rii i8+ exactly what I needed.  After the unboxing, I plugged the USB adapter into my Pi and it worked immediately.   Since my Raspberry Pi 3B has RetroPie, I setup RetroPie with my full-on keyboard so I didn’t need to set up anything to get this to work.

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Everything on this post is done using this Rii i8+

I thought it would be more appropriate to make this review using the keypad and on the Raspberry Pi to boot.
Below you will see the “Final Review”.  Make sure to read it as that will be my experience of writing the whole Manual that the Rii i8+ came with.


Positives (Using This For 3 Weeks)

  • The Rii i8+  touchpad has no delay and sensitive to touch and the keypad works great.
  • The buttons on the Keypad have a tactile feel to them.
    You don’t need to press hard on the buttons for the device to register what you pressed.
  • The Backlit keypad has 3 settings Off/Dim/Bright.  The LED’s are white.
  • Comes with the USB cord so you can charge your device.
    The cord is a Micro USB-B same as a phone cord.   This cord also has a female USB end so you can plug in the wireless receiver.  Perfect for devices that only have 1 USB port or not enough ports freed up.
  • For three weeks I never once charged the device and it’s been used every day since.
    It never needed a charge.   They recommend you do charge it before you get it.
    I didn’t want to charge it for the reason that this device charging current is: 300mA   This means that if I overcharge it can wreak the battery.
    So I waited until I got my UM25C USB LCD Voltage Meter and tested it on a few devices.   This was the results.


When Fully Charged and you plug it in again.  These will slowly drop to 0.0000A
When charging on half-empty battery on all are around 04.922V 03025A

So you should be safe.

  • Raspberry Pi USB Port (2.4A wall adapter)
    4.861V – o.1072A
  • Merkury RWX09-0504900U (Smart Charge 2.4A – Total 4.9 acrossed 4 USB ports)
    5.097V – 0.1053A
    Xbox One X (Front Port)
    5.0.26V – 0.1362A
    PC (Acer Aspire M3910)
    04.960V – 0.1231A



Negatives (Using This For 3 Weeks)

  • Using as a full-on Windows / Linux or other desktop keyboard layouts.
    This is a small issue.  When you first use this keypad on a desktop you can get confused quick thinking its more mobile styled gestures.   If you were using this on Android it wouldn’t be an issue.
  • The microphone will not work.
    I’m not sure what supports it, but the small “pinhole” at the bottom left is the mic.  I tried to see if Windows or Rasbian OS (Raspberry Pi) would recognize it as a mic and nothing pops up under the record settings on both systems.



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Rii 8+


Mini Wireless Keyboard Touchpad Combo Installation & User Manual Ver:3.4


Thank you for purchasing the Wireless Mini QWERTY Keyboard & Touchpad Combo.  You can use it for emails, chat, remote, type and games.
It is compatible with PC, Laptop, Raspberry Pi 2/3, MacOS, Linux, HTPC, IPTV, Google Android Smart TV Box, XBMC, Kodi, Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 7 8 10, Xbox 360, Xbox One.  Use it with your android box or smart tv on your sofa or browse the internet in the most comfortable fashion.

Package Contents

  • Keyboard Touchpad Combo
  • USB Wireless Receiver
  • User Manual
  • USB Charging Cable

System Requirements

  • HID compatible device
  • Terminal with USB port
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista, Windows CE, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Linux (Debian-3.1, Redhat-9.0,Ubuntu-8.10,Fedora-7.0 tested)
  • Android OS (With standard USB interface)

Please Note:

  1. It can work on Amazon Fire TV as follows: use an app called app2 fire on android.  You can send any app to fire tv.  Then run it so it works for applications like for example, Google Chrome.
    Just note that it only works on sideloaded application’s.
  2. Not suitable for all smart tv’s.  Some smart tv’s do not support external input devices.  Before you place the order, please make sure to use a wired keyboard to check if it works.


  • Receiver(dongle): Nano style
  • Connection port: With USB2.0 above
  • Transmission mode: GFSK 2.4GHz wireless, up to 10 meters
  • Transmission Power: Less than +4db
  • Power supply: Rechargeable polymer Lithium-ion battery
  • Charging current: 300mA
  • Sleeping current class1: 300uA
  • Operation voltage: 3.7v
  • Operating current: <15mA
  • Product weight: 110g
  • Product size: 146.8*97.5*19mm


  1. Take off the back cover of the keyboard and take out the USB receiver.
  2. Plug the USB Receiver into your device’s USB port.  Such as android tv box and smart tv.
  3. Turn on the keyboard.
    A blue LED will stay on.  That means the keyboard has paired with your device.  You can now enjoy the keyboard now!


  1. The three port extension USB cable can not only be used for battery charging but also solving signal interference!  It can not be used as a digital connection.
  2. If the blue LED does not stay on and orange stays flashing stay’s flashing, it means the keyboard needed to be paired with your device handly.  As for how to pair, please try the following steps:
  • Step 1: Keep your PC on, and be sure the keyboard is full of power.
  • Step 2: Press the “F1” key without releasing it.
  • Step 3: Power on the keyboard and release the “F1” key immediately.
  • Step 4: Plug the USB receiver in the USB port of your PC.
    Wait a moment.  The keyboard will repair automatically.
    When the yellow light stops flashing and the blue LED light is on, it means it successfully paired.
  1. About the meaning of the three LEDs (orange, blue and red)
    Red: means charge status.  When start to charge, it will be on.  When it is powered fully, it will turn off automatically.
    Blue: Means pair status.  When it is on, it means the keyboard is paired with your device successfully.  If it is off, it means not paired.  You need to do the above 4 steps to repair it.
    Orange:  Means sync.  It will flash when you press a button or touch the touchpad.  If it does not flash, it means it has something wrong on the keyboard or the compatibility.
  2. About the signal interference: special for android tv box and smart tv.  Large size monitor’s device always has some signal interference.  Signal interference may result in short distance and buttons will not work as well…  When you press “a”, “aaaaaaa…” will appear.  For this case, you can use the thress port extension cable to your smart tv, and plug the USB receiver on the cable, then pair and use remote keyboard.
  3. Shortcut Keys:
    FN+RF enter into pair model
    FN+F7 Screenshot
    FN+F8 Turn on/ off touchpad mouse
    FN+F9: F11
    FN+F10: F12
    FN+Back: Delete
    FN+PgUp: Home
  4. Special Keys use in a special layout.  Please know exactly which layout do you want.  For example.  If you want and buy UK layout and you want to use @.  You need to first change your device’s system language to British English.  Then it can work by [email protected]
  5. Don’t work all the time.
    This keyboard has an auto sleep / wake up function.  When customers do not use it in 3 mins, it will enter into sleep automatically, this time the customers can press any button to make sure it is on enough power.

Using The Touchpad

The touchpad is activated together with the keyboard.  When the keyboard is on, the keyboard is ready for use.  FN+F8 can turn on / off the touchpad function.  You will enjoy more convenience and control the on-screen menu easier.

Auto Sleep and Wake-up feature

The keyboard supports auto sleep and wake-up.  Without operation around 3 minutes, the keyboard will enter sleep mode.  In sleep status, all LED indicators are off.  Pressing any key can wake it up.

Switching off the keyboard after use

Ater use, push the switch to the “OFF” position to turn it off.  The USB receiver does not need to be pulled out from the terminal.  Yo can use it next time directly.

Charging the battery

The device uses a built-in lithium-ion battery.  Please use only approved data cables and chargers.

NOTE: Fully charge the unit before initial operation.  This device can be used when charging, but charging time will be extended.
When the battery is low, the low-voltage light will blink to warn the user.  The unit will be automatically turned off if the battery has been depleted.

Multi-finger Functions Touchpad (Only for i8+ A/B versions)

This touchpad supports multi-finger functions.

  1. When a single finger click, on behalf of the left mouse function keys
  2. When two-finger click, on behalf of the right mouse function keys
  3. When double finger drag up and down, on behalf of the Rolling screen
  4. When a single finger sliding pointer can be controlled

Turn on/off the Backlit LED (Only for i8+ A/B versions)

Two Modes:  Software Control and Manual Control.  When the wireless connection is successful, the backlit LED will be automatically on 3 seconds, then off, to save power and lengthen standby time.  You can click the backlit LED button to turn the LEDon.  Users can turn on the LED in a dark environment for better operation.

Enabling the backlight (Only for 8+ A/B versions)

The backlight LED will automatically turn on for three seconds after having pressed the power switch to the on position.  If enabling the backlight function, the backlight LED will light for one minute.  In a minute, if having no key is pressed, the backlight LED will turn off.  After backlight LED turned off, the backlight LED will turn on again if youpress any key again.  Enable/disable the backlight LED through pressing Backlight control key.

Audio Feature (Only for i8+ A versions)

Audio feature configuration is available for this device.  This device includes a MIC.  Under some systems, the audio feature requires manual configuration.


  • When charging finishes, pull out the charging cable.
  • Never try to open or repair this product yourself.
  • Keep this device away from fluids, such as water.


  • Do not attempt to disassemble the device or replace the rechargeable battery.
    Doing so will void the warranty.
  • The battery will discharge when it is stored for a long time without operation.
  • Use the specified charger.  Disconnect the device when the battery is fully charged.
    Overheating will shorten the battery life.
  • Do not expose the device in extreme heat or cold environment, which will shorten the battery life.


Always dispose of the used appliance at a recycling centre.  Do not dispose of the used appliance together with the household waste.


Due to  2.4G wave technology adoption, the connection can be subject to interference from obstacles, like walls, metals, or other electronic devices.  Please keep the space between the keyboard and USB receiver free of obstacles.

In line with the policy of continued development, the manufacturer reserves the right to amend.  The specifications without prior notification.  The illustrations in the user manual are for reference only.  Please operate according to the real design.


Final Review

After writing all of this I had thoughts of wanting to use an actual keyboard and mouse to complete it.   With a keyboard and mouse, I could’ve typed all this quicker and with fewer errors in the grammar and spelling.  Although I suck at that already lol.


One issue and it’s not the Rii i8+  at fault its the fact that I’m used to mobile texting and I’ve been mistaking this as a mobile keypad because of the size.   So I have to fix a lot of errors in spelling on this post until muscle memory takes over and knows what to do. Yes, it works on Android and since it does I bet this would go more smoothly.

Through my 3 weeks of using the Rii i8+ and writing this out, I can say it’s worth getting.   I’m just disappointed in how the mic won’t work.  I wanted to see if it’s good quality or bad.  I may never know for sure.
For the battery life, It’s amazing.  They say it doesn’t last long but it does.  However, the battery doesn’t have ware and tare on it yet.

Would I say pick it up?   Yes, do it!   It works on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.  great for texting, I guess TVs and most importantly to me.  The whole reason why I picked it up in the first place, The Raspberry Pi 3B  This does not have Bluetooth.   You want that you will need to buy the Bluetooth version.

Be careful though, there are copycat fakes out there.  If it has Rii on it, it should be authentic.  Just use a level head when buying anything.
Do you have one?  If so, what do you like about it and hate about it?

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