Thrillers Strip Club

Thrillers Strip Club is perfect for your city world. Thrillers Strip Club has one of the best Redstone dance stages on Minecraft. Get It Now.


Thrillers Strip Club Schematic

WARNING: This is a Redstone build.  It has been tested on Minecraft Java Edition 1.9.4
If you are wanting to import this into your world use MC-Edit only.  Do not use import mod plugins as they have issues with Redstone.
Your experience may vary.  You have been warned!
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The best strip club I made with detail to Redstone and the way its setup.

Size 103 x 70 x 33

This strip club has:
1 DJ booth with controls and DJ table.
1 Dance Floor that lights up
1 Bar
2 Pool tables
2 Public dance pads
1 Kitchen
1 Large dressing room with 8 stalls
12 Private dance rooms
2 Men’s washrooms
2 Women’s washrooms
DJ Booth has control of:
Roof Lights
Animated Roof Lights
Animated Floor Lights
DJ Booth Strobe Lights
DJ Booth Lights

Bar has control of bar roof lights
Ticket Center has control of hallway lights
Outside lights controlled by daylight sensor



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