Pitcove Manor

Pitcove Manor is one of the best houses to add to a starting Minecraft world. Also comes with chests filled with randomly generated items.  A larger list of rooms and information down below about the Pitcove Manor.


Pitcove Manor Minecraft Schematic Download

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Size: 131 x 101 x 34
Minecraft PC Java 1.12.2

  • 1) Party Pit
  • 1) Living Room
  • 1) Library with Full Enchantment Table Setup
  • 1) Kitchen
  • 1) Bar
  • 3) Small Bedrooms
  • 1) Large Master Bedroom
  • 1) Bathroom
  • 1) Closet/Work Room
  • 1) End Portal
  • Quite a few randomly generated chests from the Nether, End, Villages, and strongholds all in this house.


I build this with the idea of a Party Pit and a bar.  Heck, even the name is wrapped around that “Pitcove Manor”
Having one built into the center of a house is a really cool idea, and would be amazing to see actually done!  The rest was done


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