Chicken Hunt Minigame

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Is it a chicken or a duck? Chicken Hunt is a simple minigame that you can practice shooting your bow and collect chicken and experience points.


Chicken Hunt Minigame Schematic (Duck Hunt)

WARNING: This is a Redstone build.  It has been tested on Minecraft Java Edition 1.12.2
If you are wanting to import this into your world use MC-Edit only.  Do not use import mod plugins as they have issues with Redstone.  I do not support (Minecraft Bedrock Edition)
Your experience may vary.  You have been warned!
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  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image
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  • Size: 20x19x25
  • If you want you can simply change the background or duplicate it and create an arcade type minigame system like this
  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image


1 review for Chicken Hunt Minigame

  1. waqe

    I really like this redstone game, and the author was kind enough to come and help me get it working, as my server was not pasting correctly. Neat redstone contraption!! (-:

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