Abadorian Ship Fleet Pack

The Ultimate Medieval – Abadorian ship fleet with 6 ships you can download. The Jacet / The Ligier / The Askan / The Gufferin / The Galaile and The Vandran


Abadorian Ship Fleet Pack Schematic’s

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This is the best ships I’ve created in Minecraft.
I spent a long time creating these.  The first one I did was governor ship on my world Abadore City.
The Galaile, designed around  (Not included in this pack) governor ship is the first rebuilt ship in this fleet.  The rest was created around it.

Below you will see the names/types and sizes of the ships.
These ships do file snowballs.  I added snow instead of fireballs for looks without damaging your maps.


Ship Size & Types

  • The Jacet
    Size: 5x10x4 Type: Ship’s boat
  • The Ligier
    Size: 7x21x15 Type: Schooner Ship
  • The Askan
    Size: 9x29x19 Type: Sloop Ship
  • The Gufferin
    Size: 17x58x33 Type: Brig Ship
  • The Galaile
    Size: 29x133x68 Type: Frigate Warship
  • The Vandran
    Size: 37x189x76 Type: Man O War




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