Abadorian Library

Abadorian Library has 3 levels to the structure.  There are plenty of chests actually fulled with a few library items.  Abadorian Library is a great addon!


Abadorian Library Schematic Download

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  • Size: 63 x 23 x 31
  • 3 levels to the building
  • Chests in the library have: Paper / Empty Map / Enchanted Book / Book and Quill / Written Book
  • Has a Spiral Staircase
  • Has a full Enchantment Table enclosed.


Adding With MC-Edit

Since there are 3 levels, the first level is underground.   I have made a grass line going around the building to show you level hight from your map.
You will need to make a hole the size of 19W x 31L x 6H

After that, you should be set for placing the Abadorian Library into the hole.  6H also adds the grass line hight.


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