Abadorian Bookshelf

This Abadorian Bookshelf is a nice detailed build that can be used in large buildings. You can download Abadorian Bookshelf Schematic or build it by hand with the blueprints.


Abadorian Bookshelf Schematic Download & Blueprints

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Size: 31W x 5L x 33H

332,Spruce Wood Planks,(5:1)
22,”Oak Wood Stairs (Bottom, South)”,(53:2)
22,”Oak Wood Stairs (Bottom, North)”,(53:3)
20,”Oak Wood Stairs (Top, East)”,(53:4)
20,”Oak Wood Stairs (Top, West)”,(53:5)
22,”Oak Wood Stairs (Top, South)”,(53:6)
22,”Oak Wood Stairs (Top, North)”,(53:7)
122,Oak Fence,(85:0)
1,”Wooden Trapdoor (Bottom, False, West)”,(96:2)
1,”Wooden Trapdoor (Bottom, False, East)”,(96:3)
5,”Wooden Trapdoor (Bottom, True, West)”,(96:6)
5,”Wooden Trapdoor (Bottom, True, East)”,(96:7)
1,”Wooden Trapdoor (Top, False, West)”,(96:10)
1,”Wooden Trapdoor (Top, False, East)”,(96:11)
12,Dark Oak Double Slab,(125:5)
28,Spruce Wood Slab (Bottom),(126:1)
4,Dark Oak Wood Slab (Bottom),(126:5)
172,Dark Oak Wood Slab (Top),(126:13)
7,”Spruce Wood Stairs (Bottom, East)”,(134:0)
7,”Spruce Wood Stairs (Bottom, West)”,(134:1)
6,”Spruce Wood Stairs (Top, East)”,(134:4)
6,”Spruce Wood Stairs (Top, West)”,(134:5)
58,Cobblestone Wall,(139:0)
10,Wooden Button (South),(143:3)
12,Wooden Button (North),(143:4)
260,”Dark Oak Wood (Upright, Dark Oak)”,(162:1)
176,”Dark Oak Wood (East/West, Dark Oak)”,(162:5)
13,”Dark Oak Wood (North/South, Dark Oak)”,(162:9)
48,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Bottom, East)”,(164:0)
48,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Bottom, West)”,(164:1)
42,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Top, East)”,(164:4)
42,”Dark Oak Wood Stairs (Top, West)”,(164:5)
25,Brown Carpet,(171:12)


Looking to build it?  Well, now you can!
You start from bottom up.



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