Minecraft Structures

  • Yellow Construction Crane

    This Yellow Construction Crane is great for cities. The Construction Crane is made for skyscrapers and more. Get the Yellow Construction Crane now.

  • Thrillers Strip Club

    Thrillers Strip Club is perfect for your city world. Thrillers Strip Club has one of the best Redstone dance stages on Minecraft. Get It Now.

  • Small Scale Of My Real House

    DestructiveBurn Real Home in Minecraft. This Home is designed for looks. DestructiveBurn Real Home is a small scale of the real thing.

  • Rasa Bloom Mansion

    This Rasa Bloom Mansion is perfect for your world. The Rasa Bloom Mansion has 6 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, bar level, tv room/dining, and fireplace.

  • Blinking Christmas Tree City Center

    This Blinking Christmas Tree is one of my best made yet. The Blinking Christmas Tree has 3 modes. Get your Blinking Christmas Tree now. For City Centers.

  • Dual Towers

    The Dual Towers is a start to design it the way you want. The Dual Towers are empty inside for you to design it the way you want. Get the Dual Towers Now.

  • Abadorian Windmill

    This Windmill is perfect for your world. The Windmill has 3 milling stations. The Windmill has an interesting way to reach the top.

  • Abadorian Powered Hut Blue

    This Abadorian Powered Hut Blue is perfect for your world. The Powered Hut lights up in the night and turns off in the daytime.

  • Abadorian Power Windmill

    This Abadorian Power Windmill is perfect for your world. The Power Windmill is a great filler for tall structures that are lacking in your builds.

  • Abadorian Orphanage

    This Abadorian Orphanage is perfect for your world. The Orphanage Comes with Kitchen, Dining Room, Classroom, Church, Playroom, Sleeping Quarters.

  • Abadorian Greenhouse

    This Greenhouse is perfect for your world. The Greenhouse has almost everything in version 1.8 for plants inside. This is a fully functional greenhouse.

  • Abadorian Causeway Lodge

    This Abadorian Causeway Lodge is perfect for your survival world or a nice add-on to your Abadorian collection.

  • Blinking Christmas Tree Small

    Perfect Small Blinking Christmas Tree. You can turn this Christmas Tree on or off. Place this Christmas Tree in a house or outside.

  • Abadorian Barn

    This Abadorian Barn is a simple barn to keep your animals in. The Abadorian Barn has a loft and 8 holding cells for your animals.