Minecraft Modern

  • Gingerfluff House

    Gingerfluff House is a Christmas themed Gingerbread House.  Gingerfluff comes with a bonus of two Christmas stories, Night Before & Christmas Bells.

  • Nasher Grove City Library


    Nasher Grove City Library is one of the coolest dirt builds on Minecraft.   This slick design is something that would fit in large cities.
    When you walk in everything looks modern.  Plenty of room to build anything else you would like.

  • Xbox One X Console & Monitor

    I created an exact copy of the Xbox One X in Minecraft PC.
    Thanks to the holes on the back and sides, that formed the Height, Length, Width and even all the ports and logos!  Download the Minecraft Xbox One X Schematic Now!

  • Arcane Beacon Tower

    Arcane Beacon is designed as a normal beacon but with Redstone. The Arcane Beacon Tower shoots out a rainbow-colored beacon. Turn it On/Off

  • Belleview Estate

    Belleview Estate is a complete home with everything you need. The Belleview Estate has two baths, 9-bedrooms, kitchen and more. Get Belleview Estate Now!

  • Hall Of Death Mansion 2.0


    This mansion was completely rebuilt and took quite some time to complete. All the old trees and inside the mansion was all removed and re-designed.

  • The Houze Xbox 360 & PC

    The Houze was created by one of my old English friends. This was her first large project she ever made in Minecraft. Get The Houze now.

  • Yellow Construction Crane

    This Yellow Construction Crane is great for cities. The Construction Crane is made for skyscrapers and more. Get the Yellow Construction Crane now.

  • Small Scale Of My Real House

    DestructiveBurn Real Home in Minecraft. This Home is designed for looks. DestructiveBurn Real Home is a small scale of the real thing.

  • Rasa Bloom Mansion

    This Rasa Bloom Mansion is perfect for your world. The Rasa Bloom Mansion has 6 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, bar level, tv room/dining, and fireplace.

  • Blinking Christmas Tree City Center

    This Blinking Christmas Tree is one of my best made yet. The Blinking Christmas Tree has 3 modes. Get your Blinking Christmas Tree now. For City Centers.

  • Dual Towers

    The Dual Towers is a start to design it the way you want. The Dual Towers are empty inside for you to design it the way you want. Get the Dual Towers Now.

  • Crystal Hall Manor

    This Crystal Hall Manor is perfect for your world. The Crystal Hall Manor has built-in portals and plenty of room for everything you need.

  • Modern Piano

    This modern piano is perfect for your world. Small modern piano for mansions or large houses. This modern piano is detailed to perfection.

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