Minecraft Abadorian

  • Pitcove Manor

    Pitcove Manor is one of the best houses to add to a starting Minecraft world. Also comes with chests filled with randomly generated items.  A larger list of rooms and information down below about the Pitcove Manor.

  • Abadorian Bookshelf

    This Abadorian Bookshelf is a nice detailed build that can be used in large buildings. You can download Abadorian Bookshelf Schematic or build it by hand with the blueprints.

  • Abadorian Concord Church

    This concord church is designed similarly as the Concord town church in Fallout 4 with a mix of Abadorian style.

  • Abadorian Blacksmith House

    This Abadorian Blacksmith House is a fully complete build. In the Blacksmith House has everything you need. The Blacksmith shop is perfect for crafting.

  • Abadorian Light House

    This Abadorian Light House is perfect for the shoreline. The Abadorian Light House is a simple structure for ships to see at a distance.

  • Abadorian Cliff Tower

    This Abadorian Cliff Tower has plenty of room for 7 people. The Abadorian Cliff Tower has a room full of the chest for your storage. Download Cliff Tower.

  • Abadorian Baron Windmill

    Abadorian Baron Windmill is part of the Abadorian type. This Abadorian Baron Windmill is a wonderful design to add to the collection!

  • Abadorian Windmill

    This Windmill is perfect for your world. The Windmill has 3 milling stations. The Windmill has an interesting way to reach the top.

  • Abadorian Powered Hut Blue

    This Abadorian Powered Hut Blue is perfect for your world. The Powered Hut lights up in the night and turns off in the daytime.

  • Abadorian Powered Clock Tower

    This Powered Clock Tower lights up in the night. The Powered Clock Tower is perfect for medieval city centers. Get the Powered Clock Tower now.

  • Abadorian Power Windmill

    This Abadorian Power Windmill is perfect for your world. The Power Windmill is a great filler for tall structures that are lacking in your builds.

  • Abadorian Orphanage

    This Abadorian Orphanage is perfect for your world. The Orphanage Comes with Kitchen, Dining Room, Classroom, Church, Playroom, Sleeping Quarters.

  • Abadorian Greenhouse

    This Greenhouse is perfect for your world. The Greenhouse has almost everything in version 1.8 for plants inside. This is a fully functional greenhouse.

  • Abadorian Governor Ship

    This Governor Ship is perfect for your world. The Governor Ship is designed to be around the land. The Governor Ship guns fire and has beds.