Minecraft Minutor (Overhead World Map)

Minecraft Minutor (Overhead World Map)

Minutor is a fast, portable, and expandable mapping tool and inspector. Windows and Linux/OSX
If you are looking to take overhead screenshots, this tool is for you.   Note this tool is outdated but still works on PC Java Edition worlds.   Just the new blocks will show pink in this tool.
It was designed for PC Java Edition 9.1 or before.

Source Code:
Customize Minutor. Add new blocks, change colors, change block names with the Pack Builder.
I’ve built a few packs for various Feed The Beast mods to help get you started.


  1. Melissa Williams


    I need some help. I’m not exactly computer savvy so please bare with me. I have minecraft windows 10 version, started playing th game in infinite world, starting building, went exploring and I now can’t find my build. I downloaded minutor to hopefully help me find my house again, I thought I put the files where they need to go but when I open the map for my game in minutor it’s just grey squares. There’s nothing there. Can you please help?? I really appreciate your time and any answers you can give me. I’m not sure if this will even get me a person to help. Thank you again if it does.

    • DestructiveBurn


      Sounds like Minutor is not reading your world.
      Try using Mineways:

      1 Way
      If you have cheats enabled in the world then you can use the command /kill to respawn at the spawn point. You can use the command /gamerule keepInventory true to avoid losing items on death.

      2 Way
      You can Download MC-EDit v1 and use that to find your house and move your player spawn right to it. Hope that helps. MC-Edit is a (Must Have) anyways.

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