My Latest News!

Welcome to my Latest News!
Here you will find news about plans for my Youtube channel, Short site changes and news on other platforms I’m on or other in general.



Current Youtube Projects

I have a few projects that still need to get done.  So this is my list for my Youtube Channel.

  • Circuit Board Soldering Practice
  • DIY LED Clock Build
  • Homemade Speaker Box Build
  • DIY Radio Clock Build
  • DIY Calculator Build
  • Nikon Coolpix A1000 4K Tests
  • Nikon Coolpix A1000 Positives & Negatives
  • Raspberry Pi Smarti Pi Touch Ultimate Mod Part 4
  • Mustool G700 Video Examples
  • Blackweb 20100 mAh Battery Bank Raspberry Pi 3B Tests
  • Xlink Kai (Xbox Original)
  • Minecraft Block Grid Schematic


Pushed on the back burner for now.

  • Raspberry Pi 3B In Minecraft Schematic
  • Raspberry Pi 3B In Minecraft Timelapse


Website Posts or Blogs to make

  • How to download and import schematics into my world
    This option exists already under “SUPPORT” in the footer of the site.
  • How to convert from Bedrock to PC Java
  • How to convert from PC Java to Bedrock
  • How to convert from Xbox 360 to PC Java
  • How to convert from PC Java to Xbox 360


Website Changes & Fixes

“Sticky”   Still need to finish compressing and downsizing the blog posts now.


Aug 13/2019

  • The mysterious issue with thumbnails has now been fixed!
    Some posts were affected by the gremlin bug and have been dealt with accordingly to the bottom of my pretend shoe!

Aug 06/2019

  • Working on fixing broken thumbnails that mysteriously decided to glitch out.
  • For a couple of weeks, I have been compressing and removing images to speed up pages.
  • Noticed that the caching plugin I’m using has made the template on this home page not be inline at the bottom.  Working on a solution.

To view the full list of changes, check out the change long here:



Youtube News

June 01/2019

  • Chugging along on getting these videos out as fast as I can.
  • I know I haven’t paid much attention to Minecraft builds lately but I’ve pushed these other videos back for quite some time to focus on Minecraft builds.
    When I can finish them, I can start working on Minecraft builds again.


Minecraft News

  • Working on a new spawn.   It’s looking epic!  It will be called Medevil Server Spawn 2 Schematic Download.
  • Still need to finish that tree.  I just really don’t feel like completing it.

Other News

Nothing yet…