Knox ShockMount – Boom Arm for Blue Yeti Mic

Knox Gear ShockMount – Articulating Boom Arm for Blue Yeti

The Yeti is a great mic for streaming, reviews and general use on sites like Youtube.   I’ve bought my Yeti on Jan 20, 2014, and I did an unboxing here: //   It’s been running great since!   When I got it, there was an issue with the USB cable as it would make windows think the Yeti doesn’t have drivers.   This was an issue with most of them back then.   The Yeti mic has 3 condenser capsules that pick up every little vibration.  This is the downfall of the stand.  I love the stand but if you tap your desk, or if your computer is on the desk and so on, it will hear it.

My fix for the stand is to use a pillow between the stand and the stool.   Problem solved.  Well, I decided to finally say enough is enough and bought a boom arm and the shock mount.  Sure I could get a pop filter but I don’t need one.    So this is my review of two items from Knox for the Blue Yeti.


KNOX GEAR Articulating Scissor Suspension Boom Arm

There’s not much to stay, it’s not a bad boom arm.  It’s got some minor issues and feels cheap but works.
Overall this is a good boom arm, but it’s my first so I don’t have anything to compare it to.  Keep that in mind.



  • Vertical Arm Length 14″
  • Horizontal Arm Lenge 14″
  • Total Reach 27.5″
  • Max C-Clamp Grip  1.75″
  • Threading: 3/8″-16 with 3/8 to 5/8 Adaptor
  • Weight Capacity: 3.2 LBS
  • Construction: Steel



  • The 1/4 screw mount is good and won’t come apart.
  • Seems to be quite sturdy, even when it’s fully extended horizontally out.
  • The clamp is tight.
  • The knob to tighten the Yeti won’t move around when snug.   There is another knob for the arm joint to keep it in place.   Mine is loose and still will hold the mic without dropping.
  • Moving the arm around is easy.


  • The Boom Arm is small.
    Not sure if it’s just me because this is my first kind o boom arm.
  • No place to mount your cables unless you use zip ties or twist ties and so on.
  • The springs can cause some sounds the Yeti can pick up.
    Just don’t move it around and you should be good.


KNOX GEAR Yeti Microphone Shockmount

The shock mount works.  It has some issues that I did need to modify a bit.   This would’ve been fine if all the parts are metal, but they’re not.   The screw and the outside ring is metal but the center that holds the Yeti is plastic and that is where the problem comes in.

Some tweaks can make it work perfectly.



  • Model NO. KN-BYSM01B
  • Box comes with shock mount only



  • Looks cool and seems to dampen the vibration a bit.


  • The main problem with this shock mount is the screw mount.  The first issue is
    1) They use some type of felt that goes between the mount and the Yeti.  This is not enough for a spacer as the Yeti wobbles in the mount.
    2) My mount had a crack where the Yeti and mount screws together. Watch the video how I fixed that.  Hopefully, it was just mine and not a massive problem for everyone.  This could’ve been fixed if it was a metal molding and not plastic for the screw mount.



  • Boom Arm Box Complete Weight: 20.2 OZ = 1.2625 LB
  • Stand with Clamp Weight: 17.5 = 1.09375 LB
  • Shock Mount Box Complete Weight: 9.9 OZ = 0.61875 LB
  • Shock Mount: 7.2 OZ = 0.45 LB
  • Yeti Capsel: 18.3 OZ = 1.14375 LB
  • Complete Weight for Yeti Capsel / Boom Arm / Clamp and Shock Mount
    Complete Unit: 42.8 OZ = 2.675 LB


Other Info

As I mentioned above,  My mic picked up a lot of noise, mostly the hard drives from my computer.  Quite loud for a hum.  Having the boom arm and shock mount almost removed all of that.  Still can be heard if you crank your audio to hear it.   I have my boom arm mounted on a self.   That sound is completely eliminated now.

If you see the blue tape that was my modification to fix the crack in the shock mount.   I also added foam around the Bungie strings that touch the Yeti.  It helps a lot.
Do I think this is worth it?  Since it’s my first sure.  It beats the original stand by a long shot.

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