How I Setup My Raspberry Pi

How I Setup My Raspberry Pi As A Tablet

Ah, The Raspberry Pi.
An astonishing piece of work.

Raspberry Pi is an amazing computer on a chip, capable of a lot more than you think!

There are so many things you can do with one of these small computers. Like, build a robot. Use it as a weather station.
Learn to code and take control of the GPIO pins, or do what most of are using it for!
Gaming! Retro gaming!

The thought of this small little computer on a chip capable of running a Desktop. Yeah, you heard that right! It can even be used as a desktop with a full-on Chromium browser! Heck.
Your phone is by far more powerful than this little pi and it doesn’t even have a full-on Chromium browser.

There are a lot of gamers out there, and a lot that loves old retro games and they have a massive collection of these games and consoles.
I myself have a few old consoles and a few old games.
But for me, I don’t have the room and the time to fix some of them just to play the games I grew up with on its original hardware.

So my plan is to emulate the games. Of course, I could just use the computer I have right now to play these games but doing a lot of research got me thinking that the Raspberry Pi is the best way to go on playing these games.

First thing I needed to do was think how I wanted my Pi to be like. Did I want to just have a case or one day make it completely portable?
I decided I want it portable.

This is the list of stuff I have so far to make it portable in a tablet forum.   I will add to this list when I want to make changes or add more features.

Image Name Link Price
Raspberry Pi 3 B – DEV-13825 //  $39.95 USD
SmartiPi Touch – PRT-14059 //  $24.95 USD
Raspberry Pi LCD – 7″ Touchscreen – LCD-13733 //  $64.95 USD
Wall Adapter Power Supply – 5.1V DC 2.5A (USB Micro-B) – TOL-13831 //  $7.95 USD
   Aukru 3pcs Aluminium Heatsink Cooler Cooling Heatsinks for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/ Pi 2 Model B / Pi 2 B+ (B plus)  //  $7.99 CDN
   SmartiPi Touch back cover  //  $10.00 USD
   SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC 100mb/s UHS-I card with OTG – SDSQUAR-128G-GN3MN  //  $58.60 CDN
   UGREEN 2Pack High-Speed HDMI Port Saver Male to Female Adapter Right Angled 90 and 270 Degree Up/ Down (90 Degree+270 Degree)  //  $10.99 CDN
   SEPA MF15B-05 DC5V 0.06A 15mm 15x15x5mm Mini Micro Server Square Cooling Fan  //  $5.99 USD

The Micro Server Square Cooling Fan has been ordered.  I have not tested it yet.   Waiting for it to show up.

Currently what it looks like

  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image

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