Information About DestructiveBurn


Hello Everyone

Welcome to my small corner of the internet.
Most know me by DestructiveBurn.
My actual name is: Chris Hawryluk

I had many names in the past like AlbertaCanada420, DEVOXxCANADAxX, CyberationMicro and Evilest Chris.  These were names I’ve used on Xbox Live since the late Xbox Original times.

My most favorite thing I love doing is playing Minecraft and putting my builds up for download on this website. Talking about “Website” that is one thing I love doing is working on this website and my other one.  Down below you will know what I mean by that.


I love to make videos on YouTube of anything. My channel is:
You can check out this cool page I made with my channel built into it.
I make gameplay videos, how too, unboxing, thunderstorms and anything I feel like posting. Sometimes I do get requests on things, and I do post them…Well depends on what lol.

I spend many hours making videos and for the Minecraft videos, it can take longer because I try my best to make myself better at editing every single time.  Sometimes for the Minecraft videos it can take longer because of the maps or builds I make can take months to complete before that video can be done.

I do other things when I can and try to make them the best I can.  When it comes to How Too Videos I get right to the point.  I hate it when people drag on and on and you just want a quick simple solution so that is why I get to the point and in detail.

Unfortunately, I get a few views and subscribers are rare. I get comments all the time like “Why yo channel so little, your SO underrated” or why are you not popular over the content you make.  Honestly? I have no idea why my channel makes anything.  I watch other channels that are horrible and they get more views.  No idea.  🙁

I’ll still continue making videos even if it takes another 30 years to get 10,000 views if I’m alive by then lol.


At the current moment.  I own 2 sites.  These sites are:
I’ve owned this site since 2011 and has been my main one up until I created this site.
This website has a big story behind it.  I’ve been working on this search engine since 2009.   If you want to see the history of SearchThat go here:

I did own a website called: was my first domain and I created it back in 12/13/2011 I shut it down on 12/13/2017.  It ran for 6 years.  The main reason why I shut it down was the fact it’s hard to spell for new users who never heard of it before and well, it’s a dumb name!

I created it for website I had before this website and I left them because of a few reasons.  If you want to know more you can read more here.  I did a bit of a history thing about it.


I don’t own the best camera in the world but I do know how to use it. The camera is a point and shoots Nikon Coolpix S9700 and it can take some amazing shots.
Some of these shots will be put up for download in the near future.
This is the camera I use:

CSS Theme Designs

I do make custom themes for websites like Youtube/Twitter/Facebook and more.
I’ll explain this in a blog later on.
Check my styles out here:

For all the code in the world.  CSS is my most favorite for customizing UI elements.  CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the easiest to work with besides HTML to me.  I love it so much I’ve been apart of Userstyles since 2013 and have been requested to do a tutorial on the best style editor on the internet stylus.  The twin on what Stylish used to be.


Coding Websites:
I absolutely love to code.  I’m basically to the advanced users but if I really want to get something done, you better believe it! is my baby and that is where I really started to code sites.   At one time it looked really bad.  Hell, it looked worse than a corpse and a turd looked better than it did.   That was back in 2009 when I gave it a dumb name called Black Box.  Today it’s simple and lightweight.  It’s so lightweight the server doesn’t even know it’s using any resources.

I used other hosting services in the past.
The first one was, I created a website called: in 2009. At the time I created this site I was a Noob.  Call of Duty 2/3/4 clan nerd.  I hosted the site to make software for free and use it for a clan I called: DEVO CLAN.
Shockingly I had about 200 people in it.  I was told it got larger over time and No idea after that.

Later on, I moved to this was in 2011.  My site was called: Later called:  At the time Enjin was a huge step forward and the possibility was thought to be endless.  How wrong I was later on.  It was a step forward compared to Webs.  Enjin was new at that time and everyone was using it.   I started to bring my clan over to Enjin and everything was sorted better but later on, I decided to leave that clan and go off and work on better things like learning to code more.  At this point, I was getting a bit better and I did start to build a better professional search engine called:  Still, over time I hated the way it worked and the layout was shit.  So I completely rebuilt it from the ground up to give you what you see today.

Over a few years, it’s 2017 and I was sick of Enjin’s endless bull on updating things on their site, I decided to move to Godaddy server and move all my files here.  Enjin is a company that is in for the profit and does little to improve or add to the site.   Enough was Enough.

So now I’m on my own hosted server and I control everything.  Well besides the server core speed.  That requires more money.   So.  If you followed this so far, you think I ‘m happy?  You fucking rights!!!  All my files are in one place and not scattered all over the internet.

So this is the short story about the sites:  But yeah, BUT! not done lol.

I said I love to code so I do also love styling other websites like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, and others.  I do this by overwriting the cascade style sheet “.CSS” with my own code.
Example: say a banner is red and the code is:  <div>banner data</div> Ok the class is: .fart  and now let’s change the code.  .fart{background: #f00;} that’s red, let’s  change it too .fart{background: #000;} and now it’s black but wait.  It won’t overwrite my changes.   This is where !important; comes in.   .fart{background: #000!important;}
See what I did there?   Important ignore subsequent rules of the original code and apply’s this instead.  I did a whole video on this subject.  You can watch it here: It’s the best tut on how to style sites.