Dark Black Pixel Desktop Theme

How to make Retropie Pixel Desktop Dark Black Theme

I‘ve posted my Raspberry Pi desktop screenshots quite a bit on a few Facebook groups and one thing that comes to question is the dark theme I have and how to change it.   You’re in luck!  It’s actually quite simple.   I’m not too sure on Raspbian as this is LXDE Pixel Desktop that runs with RetroPie.  I’m sure the option still exists as this is built from Raspbian.

First things first.  Make sure you update and upgrade.  Let’s do that now!
Open the terminal and type this in.

sudo apt-get update
after that type this in:
sudo apt-get update

Open the File Manager and go to /usr/share/applications

Appearance Setting

You will only need to change the taskbar colour.  After DO NOT ENTER this application again as it will reset your window border you will change later on in this tut.

  1. Size: Large
  2. Position: Your choice.
  3. Colour: #000000
  4. Text Colour: #000000

Just press ok.

Customise Look and Feel

Now it’s time to open Customise Look and Feel in your applications folder.

Widget Tab: Set to Pix.

Colour Tab: Check the box.

Background Colours:

Normal windows: #000000
Text windows: #000000
Selected items: #101010
Tooltips: #101010

Foreground Colours:

Normal windows: #C50C15
Text windows: #436D7B
Selected items: #C50C15
Tooltips: #436D7B

Icon Theme: GNOME looks the best

Mouse Cursor: Pix

Window Border: Nightmare-02
Hint,  If you ever go back to Appearance Setting it will change Nightmare-02 back to Pix.  Just go back into this setting to change it back to Nightmare-02.
Kinda a pain but you really don’t need Appearance Setting after this.

Font: Should be set to default as you see in this image.

Other: Keep it as you see in the image.

Dark Environment

So you should now see your desktop is now black.  If your File Manager is still somewhat white, just close it and open it and now should be dark.


  1. sascha1337


    who would be so kind and create a small script that edit those according config files automatically, setting those provided values ? i’m sure those values are gettin’ saved in some xml files or something similar – push that thing to github to earn positive karma 🙂

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