Boogie Board Jot 8.5 WT14029

Boogie Board jot 8.5 eWriter WT14029 Review


I’m probably like most of you that have a scribble pad or something you write notes on that you don’t permanently keep.  I came across this Boogie Board jot 8.5 eWriter in the Real Canadian Super Store for $25 can.  Since I’m someone that writes random stuff from ideas, quick notes, I find this to be perfect to eliminate the use of paper notes, well, not completely but for things that are not important that I do not need to keep.

There are many different types of the Boogie board, but I’ll only be reviewing this one, Model WT14029.
There are things I like and dislike about this version of the Boogie board.



Things I like about this version

  • The design looks.
    It’s simple and thin.  It almost looks like a tablet and a real screen.  But it’s not.
  • One button erase.
    Everything you write will stay on the device until you press the button.  So if the battery dies, what you added will still be there.
  • The Stylist.
    It fits nicely in your hands and can be used to stand the board up in a horizontal or vertical position.
  • Has fridge magnets.
    This is the only way to actually hang it unless you have hooks to hold it.
  • You can change the battery.
    This is nice as this device is not a throwaway.
  • Price
    $25 CAN is a good price for something that actually does come in handy.   That’s my word though.  You may think diferent.


Things I don’t like about this version

  • Extremely hard to see in low light.
  • What writes looks blurry, almost like a standard definition screen.
  • The Stylist is hard to remove from the board but not that big of a problem.
  • The board does not have any way to hang on a wall.
    What I mean is, I would’ve liked to hang it on a tack board.  I cannot be able to do that unless I drilled a hole or have hooks on the tack board.




The Apps (iOS – Android)

First things first.  This does not connect to your device by Bluetooth or Wifi.  It simply opens your camera and takes an inverted photo of what is on your Boogie board.  There are other versions that have that ability, but this one is a simple model.
My review is on iOS devices.  Not Android, but I’m sure it’s the same.


Boogie Board jot

  • This app is pretty simple but has some issues.  At this time the app only works in “Manual mode” for some reason it just say’s “Searching for jot”  It’s not a big issue, but a firmware update can fix that if it hasn’t already.
  • The ability to save your writing.
    As you know already, it just takes photos of the board.  The app will save the photos to your Camera Roll.  This can be handy if you want to use this Boogie board as a shipping list.
  • Basic and easy to use.

Download Here

Boogie Board Sync

There is another app that can sync to the Boogie board, but that’s for a more advanced version of the board that has that ability.
You can view the app page here:





  • Storage 140F / 60C | 15F / -10C
  • Operating 100F / 40C | 50F / 10C


  • Do not apply extreme pressure or use any tool that could damage the writing surface,
  • Boogie board does not connect to a computer and cannot save images.
  • Do not submerse Boogie board in water.
  • Do not expose Boogie board to prolonged sunlight.


  • Replaceable 3V battery (CR2016)

Full Manual here


Do you have one of these?  Are you thinking of getting one?

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