How To Block Youtube Comment Words

How To Block Youtube Comment Words

Youtube is a great platform to build upon.  But Spam is something that is the one thing that drives a lot of us crazy.
As a Youtuber myself, I find spam on my messages really annoying.  Right when the video publishes BAM! spam!

Spam on Youtube gets worse every year, It’s something that shouldn’t exist but it does and it’s becoming a real problem.
The reasons why SPAM on Youtube exists is because people want to get: More subscribers, Likes, More traffic to their profiles, Sell misleading software, More ad revenue and when you click on these fake comments/Spam you are helping them achieve what they set out to do in the first place.


Trick users to do surveys that are fake, let’s be honest, When has a survey that gives you points/download files or gets you something you wanted?
99.9% of the time, Surveys are fake.  STAY AWAY FROM ALL SURVEYS that want you to signup/name/email/pass/address and more.  They are not real.

Fake Social Platforms

One of the main things that Spammers like linking in the comments are: Log in to sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.   If any say log in, DO NOT!!!
Most record the data you entered into the submit text areas with your IP and can be viewable by the public.


Most of the links are URL shortcuts to mask the actual URL until you click on them.   Most use: Bitly ( and Google URL (

Some of the other things people say that is SPAM

This is just on my channel.  I’m sure others have way more.

You can see even they want me to use their free music. NOTE: want free music?   Find someone on Youtube that creates the songs and send them a message that you will give them full credit and if they respond most of the time they will say yes.  That’s how I can use songs on my videos.


Youtube can let users create accounts like ones that exist.  Spammers know this and they mask as real accounts.   PewDiePie is a big one.  If it’s not an actual real link you’ve seen before? STAY AWAY FROM IT.

Let’s Get started

  1. Click on this link: //
  2. Under (Blocked words) copy and paste this:
    sub for sub, shout out, check out my channel, sub to me, comment done, sub 4 sub, like for, =, sub to my channel, subscribe for subscribe, subscribe to my channel, check out my videos, check out my channel, please check out my channel

    If you want to block all links you can check mark the (Block links) but remember all will end up in the SPAM folder.

  3. At the top click (Save)

Messages will still go to the Spam folder but not on the channel: //

  • Make sure to not click on anything you don’t trust.  The world is filled with bad people and you just need to outsmart them.
  • If you are one of those people.   Stop.  You are not doing yourself and others good.  Keep it up and YouTube will delete your account.  If you are an offender they may ban you.
    be creative and earn your way to the top.

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