Aluminum Alloy Stand

Aluminum Alloy Stand Bracket Holder (Banggood)

If you are ever looking for a stand for a digital microscope from Banggood I recommend this one.  I picked myself up the Mustool G700 from Banggood and I needed to replace the stand it came with.   This Aluminum Alloy Stand is perfect.
This will be an honest review and it’s not a paid promotion.  This is just something that will be useful for my upcoming videos and later down the road.


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  • Comes with the bottom plate / Arm / Bracket / Two Screws and the Hex Key

Stand Positives

  • Sturdy.  Everything is made out of Aluminum or some type of metal.
    Just the stopper in the back of the arm boom is plastic and including the feet is rubber.
  • Built to last.  This is the best positive I can give it.

Stand Negatives

  • The base of the stand should’ve been black.
    The reason why is the Aluminum is refective.  Having it like that can wash out the picture of what the camera is trying to focus on.
  • When you loosen up the back knob and move the arm down, the arm will bounce around unless you tighten up the knob in the back a bit that issue would be fixed.
  • The base should be a bit wider and the arm boom a bit longer.

Stand Sizes

  • Base
    3′ width x 5′ 7/8 length
  • Arm
    4′ from end to end
  • Arm Circle Inside
    1′ 1/2
  • Boom (stem with teeth)
    5′ 7/8
  • From base surface to bottom Arm circle at the max-height
    6′ 1/2
  • From base surface to bottom Arm circle at the min-height

Personal Note

Do I recommend this stand?  Yes.  Just make sure it will work for your PCB Microscope.
For my Mustool G700, I need to bore out the arm circle Inside just a bit so the camera tube can slide all the way down.

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