Why I won’t build custom Minecraft projects

Why I won’t build custom Minecraft projects

As you know or about to know.  I sell my builds.  If I’m going to make something and the time it takes to make something I will sell it.  It helps out this site that hosts the builds and for future projects.  One of the things a lot of Minecraft players ask is “can you build something for me and I will pay you”.  There is a couple of reasons why I will say no.  So here are the reasons.

  1. They ask to make something extremely detailed and huge.
    This takes way to long and takes time away from my website.
  2. They ask to make something I’m not comfortable to make.
    I’m not good at Cities, Detailed Art, 3D art and plenty of others.   Hints the reason I’m more comfortable making something I know how to and adding it to my shop.
  3. They ask to make something highly detailed and pay very little.
    As I said.  This takes time away from my website and new projects to add to my shop to sell.  Very little pay does not help my site.  I won’t do it.
  4. Custom builds cannot be resold.
    If I build a custom project for someone I cannot add it to my shop because it was solely made for that person or server.   Therefore, the little I make from it I can make more if it continues to sell in my shop (Long Term).
  5. I have done this before and got screwed.
    One person wanted me to build them a spawn with everything and it took a few months to do.  The deal was for $400 USD.   He backed off because he made excuses when I completed it and I was stuck with it.  That was custom made for that one person’s server.   So they took time away from my site/projects and I got nothing from it.

You may think I sound selfish, but you need to know that my whole plan is to sell my builds to keep this site online.  That was the plan when I first created this site and I’m sticking to it.  If they continue to sell, I can add more server resources to this site for speed and data and one day SSL.  It’s already very expensive and I want every bit of this site to be making something even if it’s the google ads on the right.

I get hate messages all the time of people saying I should be making things for free and removing the ad-block detector.  If you see how much I’m paying you wouldn’t complain.



If it’s something small and close to my build style like the Abadorian Builds Here.  Maybe I’ll do it.  I won’t be charging $5 like I do on those builds.  It will be more because I won’t be able to sell it in my shop and I won’t be doing extremely detailed builds like I did with Nasher Grove City Library.

So this is a list of things I will do and all will be small.

  • Simple small spawns Price around $150 to $400
    Great for small server starters.
  • Single Houses that are Like my Abadorian Builds. Price around $30 to $60
  • Redstone Price around Depends What It Is
    Only small and simple Redstone that’s on Java Edition Only.
  • Bridges Price around $60 to $150
    Small but detailed.
  • Java Edition builds only.


List of things I won’t do.

  • Ships, Boats, anything that floats. Cars, Plains, Trees, Animals, Season Stuff.
  • Massive Builds.
  • Inappropriate Builds.
  • Castles, Cathedrals, Space Stuff
  • Steampunk, Modern, Anything that’s not Abadorian or Medevil.
  • No command Blocks, Redstone unless it’s quick and simple.
  • Nothing from Bedrock Edition
  • Mods, Texture Packs, Sounds, World Edit. 

You must always pay half up front.

  • If you back off I keep that half and the build ends up on my shop.
  • When you completely pay you will get your build.  This will be done through the shop system, as it is an e-commerce system with PayPal in mind.
  • You will sign a contract with the actual name you used for sending the half upfront cash from PayPal.
  • No Exceptions.
    When you ask to have a build done, you cannot keep asking me to add things in the build.  I won’t do it.

I will be showing you updates of the build on Discord and be keeping you up to date of that build.


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