Minecraft In A Box Gallery Project

This is the Gallery project of Minecraft In A Box.


  • Minecraft In A Box Gallery is the gallery of Minecraft In A Box. Minecraft In A Box is a compressed version of the most of the biomes you get on Minecraft.
  • The nether was the easiest to do.  Playing on the Xbox 360 with its limited size gives you a generated bedrock wall.   The bedrock wall was copied from Avil City (Modcraft) Xbox 360 and PC Download since it was created on Xbox 360.
  • Quick note: I built one of these on Avil City years back when super flat came out on the Xbox 360.  The version sucks and if I haven’t even bothered to upload Avil City to this website this project here wouldn’t exist.

September, 14/2017

September, 18/2017

  • Filled out all the 8 spots with biomes from actual Minecraft 1.12 Seeds.  Most were Amplified seeds to try and fill the Cube.
  • Imported some NPC villages and the Woodland Mansion.
  • Made a creative End all in a small box.   I would say that’s my most favorite so far through this build.

September, 19/2017

  • So this cube will be completely usable for survival. It will have all the villages, temples and everything you can think of for default Minecraft.
  • So far it’s 253W X 253L x 256H complete height and everything is centered around Odd numbers. Yeah, complete center.
  • That circle is the spawn. You drop down into the center of the cube and hit slime blocks. After that. No idea. I’m taking a break from the project and think what would be next.


September, 29/2017

  • Started building a tunnel to enter the cube.
  • Built a lock so you can disable the option to enter into the cube.
  • Paths are being built.

September, 30/2017

  • Created a bridge and more paths.
  • Created  ladders to enter the top or bottom of the cube faster.
  • Getting close to being complete.  Just minor things to do.

To Be Continued

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