Abadorian Factions Spawn

This is the best spawn I’ve ever created to date.  In this post, you will get to see images of the build and videos of it o and some information about it.

  • What is this spawn for?
  • Spawn
    You can add chest crates to spawn and use the walls as an admin and credit board.
  • Shop
    Below the spawn is a fighting arena and can have a massive shop around it. The outskirt past the bridge is a perfect spot for users to have there own shops in the walls.
  • Portals to other worlds
    below where the lava is there are 4 bridges that can lead to 4 other VIP worlds.
  • Server Name
    The server name can be added to the walls of the spawn by the lava.  Perfect location.
  • Houses by the spawn
    These can be used as crates or anything for new plugins.
  • Lookout towers
    Can be used for enchantment tables or brewing stands.  Anything really.
  • Size of Spawn
    383W x 383L x 100H



Day 1

Sat Oct 28 Year 2017 Time 12:32:52 am
Started building the spawn. Lots to do yet! This is just a start.

Day 2

Sat Oct 29 Year 2017 Time 10:03:06 pm
Complete rebuild after screwing up on spawn size that needed to be 20 blocks away from spawn block

Day 3

Sat Oct 30 Year 2017 Time 11:42:52 pm
Did all the walkway and spawn floor. Started working in the basement lava room and bridge

After Day 3

I stopped taking screenshots when building.   I decided video will be the best to show since I was recording from the start anyways.

Completed Build Screenshots

So what do you think?

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