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So as of course, Destructiveburn.com is wrapped around Minecraft.  No coincidence there.   I just love Minecraft and the one thing I love more is the ability to Move my (Abadore City World) from Xbox 360 to PC.    
We are going to talk more about the old gen systems today.

I've been playing Minecraft since the early beta of 1.2 and I've seen it all from corruptions, glitches, hacking, modding and so much more.   I spend more days playing it than most.
When the staff of Minecraft.net posted the information about Better Together FAQ I was actually happy there may be a good update coming.

For me.  I've been playing on the Xbox 360 since it's release date for both Minecraft & Console.   Most people moved onto the Xbox One or other more modern systems and I'm lacking behind.   There are a few reasons.

  • #1 Minecraft.  Minecraft is the main reason.  As I said I play the Xbox 360 version and the PC.   I like the ability to move my worlds from the console to the PC or either or.  So if I want to build a map I'll build it for both PC and Xbox so both worlds can get my builds from this website. 
  • If you want to see the other reasons I'll be making a post soon about the new console and why I have yet to update.....

Better Together FAQ

So if you have yet seen the Better Together FAQ you can go here:  https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/better-together-faq  or read it here:

Recap On Better Together

So, to recap:

  1. Old editions like the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will still be playable, but they will not receive updates or patches.
  2. Minecraft Java Edition (Windows 7 and others before) will get updates but cannot connect to  (Better Together Update)
  3. Minecraft One Edition / Nintendo Switch / Windows 10 / Pocket Edition will get updated to the new (Better Together Update)
  4. Owners of the digital version will receive the new game for free.
  5. Worlds will be automatically transferred. (So far no news about that from Xbox 360 to Xbox One "Better Together Update" I hope it does)
  6. DLC should be transferable if they're able to do so, aside from exclusive DLC packs.
  7. Worlds will be infinite.
  8. Disc owners will be able to upgrade for a limited time.
  9. Old mini games will not likely be available on the new version, and instead, there will be alternative mini games.
  10. Sony still does not want to provide cross platform play for their PlayStation users.
  11. There will be a server browser for finding public servers.
  12. Servers are required to be suitable for players of all ages.

All The News From E3 

So if you have yet seen All The News From E3 you can go here:  https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/all-news-e3  or read it here:

E3 Trailer (Super Duper Graphics)

My Thought

  • For everything stated above,
    I'm hoping that I can still transfer my worlds from the Xbox 360 to the new Xbox One X when that gets released.
  • The Super Duper Graphics is just plain shader mods.  Nothing super, but it's still great. 
  • Looks like I'll need to upgrade my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 if I want the new (Better Together Update)
  • Will this hurt me by sharing my Worlds and Minecraft schematics On DestructivBurn.com?  Nope!  I'll still continue to keep building projects for everyone to enjoy.
  • If you are reading this post in the future.  These are the things that interested me and what the team of Minecraft was wanting to do and did.

So what are your thoughts?   Are you happy with what they did or about to do?   Let me know down below.

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