Avil City 1

Avil City (Modcraft) Xbox 360 and PC Download

About This was my first superflat world.   It has many builds from me and others.  You can tell my building skills are way better these days. The videos below are old and the world still has my older domain name. Videos Overhead View You might also like Download

Abadorian Ship Fleet Pack

Abadorian Ship Fleet Pack About This is the best ships I’ve created in Minecraft. I spent a long time creating these.  The first one I did was governor ship on my world Abadore City. The Galaile, designed around  (Not included in this pack) governor ship is the first rebuilt ship in this fleet.  The rest was created around it. Below

Canada 150th Schematic Downloads

Canada 150th Birthday For Canada’s 150th birthday I created some schematics on different sizes you can use. You have for (height) 70, 80, 90, 100, 150, 200 and 250 “blocks” If you like this post.  Please share with others Download

Zelda Twilight Gallery 1

About Zelda Twilight Gallery 1 is the first Zelda Twilight Princess HD Gallery to ever be imported to Minecraft. This is Gallery 1 out of many that will be added. Video Overhead View You might also like Buy Now

Hellable Normal Xbox 360 and PC

About This hellish world is ready to plant some spooky building on. Obsidian spikes and a cool looking landscape is set for some epic hellish builds. World Size: 864W x 864H Video Map Screenshot You might also like Buy Now

Hapu Islands Minecraft Xbox 360 and PC

About This is my first Generated world i created on World Painter. It’s got a NPC Village, 2 Water Temples, Monster Spawners. Not for Survival Xbox 360. Blame 4J Studios for messing up the Achievements on Custom worlds. Still set for Survival thought. Enjoy. World Size: 864W x 864H Video You might also like Buy