If you want to help support me on the content I create whether it’s Userstyle CSS Themes to Free Minecraft Builds, Youtube or other, your donation will help a lot.
These are some of the reasons for donating.

Userstyle Themes

The images from my CSS Themes located here: https://userstyles.org/users/197510 uses the bandwidth from this site everytime you view that theme.
Example: Youtube Black & Red (-DestructiveBurn-) has wallpapers/logo and icons that load every time you enter into Youtube. With hundreds of people using my theme, this creates a massive bandwidth load on this server every month and gets costly.

Free Minecraft Builds

Yes I have a shop that I sell my Minecraft builds, but however, I do release some super cool ones that are free and since they are free, they take up a lot of bandwidth on this server.
As I said under Userstyle Themes “This creates a massive bandwidth load on this server every month and gets costly.”
I will continue to make free builds but there time-consuming and uses a lot of bandwidth.

Youtube Videos

I love making videos.   I always have.  I’ve been doing it on Youtube since 2007.
One of the first games I ever made was Halo 3 glitches.

Hell, I got out of the map on every single campaign and multiplayer map and recorded it using Pancam with a camera pointed at an old Toshiba flatscreen 27″ CRT TV.  I’m glad I don’t point cameras at TV’s these days lol.
That was on my old Channel called: AlbertaCanada420.  Everything was deleted and I created the channel everyone knows about today: DEVOXxCANADxX or aka DestructiveBurn.

I mostly make videos of my Minecraft worlds.  Those videos can take me a few days to make and the builds can take weeks.  However, I do make other videos like tutorials and unboxing of anything I think is worthy on my channel.

If you like my videos and think I should continue hit that donate button.


I’ll continue to keep doing what I’m doing and your support will help out a lot.
Your donation will go to this costly website to better the speed and performance and to keep it online.

Thank you.