Hello Everyone

Welcome to my small corner of the internet.
Most know me by DestructiveBurn but you can call me Chris


I love to make videos on YouTube of anything. My channel is:
You can check out this cool page I made with my channel built into it.
I make game play videos, how too, unboxing, thunderstorms and anything I feel like posting. Sometimes I do get requests on things, and I do post them…Well depends on what lol.


At the current moment.  I own 3 sites.  These sites are:
This is the site your currently on right now.  This will be my main website.
I’ve owned this site since 2011 and has been my main one up intill I created this site.
This website has a big story behind it.  I’ve been working on this search engine since 2009.   If you wan’t to see the history of SearchThat go here:


I don’t own the best camera in the world but I do know how to use it. The camera is a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix S9700 and it can take some amazing shots.
Some of these shots will be put up for download in the near future.

CSS Theme Designs

I do make custom themes for websites like Youtube/Twitter/Facebook and more.
I’ll explain this in a blog later on.
Check my styles out here:


Coding Websites:
I absolutely love to code.  I’m basic to the advanced users but if I really want to get something done, you better believe it! is my baby and that is were I really started to code sites.   At one time it looked really bad.  Hell it looked worse then a corpse and a turd looked more better than it did.   That was back in 2009 when I gave it a dumb name called Black Box.  Today it’s simple and lightweight.  It’s so lightweight the server don’t even know it’s using any resources.

I used other hosting services in the past.
The first one was, I created a website called: in 2009. At the time I created this site I was a Noob.  Call of Duty 2/3/4 clan nerd.  I hosted the site to make software for free and use it for a clan I called: DEVO CLAN.
Shockingly I had about 200 people in it.  I was told it got larger overtime and No idea after that.

Later on I moved to this was in 2011.  My site was called:, Later called:  At the time Enjin was a huge step forward and the possibility were thought to be endless.  How wrong I was later on.  It was a step forward compared to Webs.  Enjin was new at that time and everyone was using it.   I started to bring my clan over to Enjin and everything was sorted better but later on I decided to leave that clan and go off and work on better things like learning to code more.  At this point I was getting a bit better and I did start to build a better professional search engine called:  Still overtime I hated the way it worked and the layout was shit.  So I completely rebuilt it from ground up to give you what you see today.

Over a few years it’s 2017 and I was sick of Enjin’s endless bull on updating things on there site, I decided to move to Godaddy server and move all my files here.  Enjin is a company that is in for the profit and does little to improve or add to the site.   Enough was Enough.

So now i’m on my own hosted server and I control everything.  Well besides the server core speed.  That requires more money.   So.  If you followed this so far, you think I ‘m happy?  You fucking rights!!!  All my files are in one place and not scattered all over the internet.

So this is the short story about the sites:  But yeah, BUT! not done lol.

I said I love to code so I do also love styling other websites like: Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter and others.  I do this buy overwriting the cascade style sheet “.CSS” with my own code.
Example: say a banner is red and the code is:  <div>banner data</div> Ok the class is: .fart  and now let’s change the code.  .fart{background: #f00;} that’s red, let’s  change it too .fart{background: #000;} and now it’s black but wait.  It won’t overwrite my changes.   This is were !important; comes in.   .fart{background: #000!important;}
See what I did there?   Important ignore subsequent rules of the original code and apply’s this instead.  I did a whole video on this subject.  You can watch it here: It’s the best tut on how to style sites.