If you were sent to this post from the URL the site no longer exists. Please Read Below.


I owned CyberationMicro since 2011 and I hosted some really useful things that are extremely hard to find on the internet in these times.


The Reason

Most of these reasons are because of the host the domain was siting on.

Reason 1) Limitations no longer exists is because of limitations of the host it was sitting on.  Enjin.
Enjin at the time was perfect for hosting Minecraft worlds and screenshots until they decided to add the 2GB monthly bandwidth cap, and that's when the limitations gave me second thoughts.

See, I like to be able to have all my content on one site and be able to control it 100%.  This is a good thing.   Think about it.    
Having your all your content on your site like: Downloads, Images, Video, Information and more means that you don't need to use any other hosting services that may get shut down or remove your content without a warning leaving you with a broken post and an upset visitor. 

Reason 2) The Extensions

Enjin was designed for gaming.  99.9% Minecraft and did have some interesting features for it but really limited.  They are notorious for making broken extensions and never fixing them or ever updating them.
Most of the extensions were old and outdated.   The forums are the worst for being outdated and all of your content would be posted there. 

Reason 3) The Name

Back in 2011 the name cyberationmicro was a internet name I created:  Cyber-Micro two really known names. adding (ation) to the complete name made it more harder for a Search Engine to grab anything that exist (already) but was also hard for anyone to ever find it.

The main reason I created it was when you searched for the name, everything I created would show up in the search results that was indexed by search engines making it more easy to find my content.

Over the years I realized my judgment was clouded it came to me that CyberationMicro is a horrible name.

The Plan

Creating From New)

So In May, 18/2017 I started working on my new website.  This site without telling anyone. was still active until Jun, 23/2017 and the site was deleted.  The domain is still active until 12/13/2017 and it will be open for anyone to take and call as their own.

In May 25, 2017 I created this video: DestructiveBurn New Website
That's when I told everyone my plans on building this site.


Now I have the freedom to host all the files from my old website to the new without the need for 3rd party sites.   Everything is hosted in the same server.

So you should know now that the host and the name CyberationMicro is something I don't like anymore and I decided to go with my Youtube name.
It makes more sense and everything will be added back other time.

I also have the ability to see downloads so the site can pay for itself.  If you want to Donate to support the site you can click on the P at the top or here: Donate

If you want to watch the videos on why I did this you can down below.

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