Change Log

These are the changes of the site and the content.

v1.07 Mon Jul 31 Year 2017 Time 2:39:14 pm
  • Updated the template theme css.
  • Added Chat to all download pages.
  • Added Terms of Use
  • Added Support
  • Remove F.A.Q.  
v1.06 Thu Jun 29 Year 2017 Time 9:45:10 pm
  • Updated the menu's Moved links into sub menu's.
  • Changed the menu colour from white to black.
  • Removed header image.  Looks more clean now.
  • Updated the slider on the main page.
  • Added security to the website.
  • You can now add Images/Videos (mp4) to your profiles. (1GB max) if you want me to raise the size just let me know.
    Uploading Pornography/Copyright Content will get you banned and deleted.  I cannot risk the ads I have on this site.
  • Some pages do not have ads.  These pages are:
    Home/Minecraft/Register/Login/Members/User/Password Reset/Checkout/Purchase Conformation/Purchase History and more.
    Blog pages/Downloads still have ads.  Please remove ad blockers.  Support the site please.
  • UI changed a bit.  Nothing to exciting.
v1.05 Sat Jun 17 Year 2017 Time 9:32:41 pm
  • Finished all the download pages to have sliders. 
  • Removed some tabs.
  • Did some more CSS styling to the template. 
  • Currently working on Minecraft Page to make it a featured page.
v1.04 Fri Jun 16 Year 2017 Time 9:31:24 pm
  • Added security to admin login and disabled
  • Added Change Log page
  • Still fixing content to work with new template
v1.03 Thu Jun 15 Year 2017 Time 10:12:07 pm
  • Added Profile builder.  Yu can now make your own profile.
v1.02 Wen Jun 14 Year 2017 Time 1:05:32 pm
  • Purchased Melos (Pro) Theme from Think Up Themes Ltd
  • Started to rebuild all the content of the site.
v1.01 Fri May 19 Year 2017 Time 8:40:01 am
  • Started adding plugins and content like:
    Easy Digital Downloads
v1.00 Thu May 18 Year 2017 Time 7:12:43 pm
  • Paid for Server & Domain
  • Created the website
  • Learning to build it Change Log