Zelda Sound Chest (Minecraft Note Blocks)

Zelda  ChestI created the graph below to show you the correct direction for, Note Blocks and Repeater Ticks.  This is the easiest and simple way of making the sound when opening a trapped chest like the sound from Zelda games.Everything is laid out and numbered to make it simple.          Instead of using Trapped chests, you can always

Minecraft Better Together

So as of course, Destructiveburn.com is wrapped around Minecraft.  No coincidence there.   I just love Minecraft and the one thing I love more is the ability to Move my (Abadore City World) from Xbox 360 to PC.    We are going to talk more about the old gen systems today.I’ve been playing Minecraft since

Xbox To PC Texture Packs

These Texture Packs are for Minecraft v1.8Candy Texture PackDownload NowCity Texture PackDownload NowFantasy Texture PackDownload NowHalloween Texture PackDownload NowMass Effect Texture PackDownload NowNatural Texture PackDownload NowPlastic Texture PackDownload NowSkyrim Texture PackDownload Now

Minecraft Minutor (Overhead World Map)

About:Minutor is fast, portable, and expandable mapping tool and inspector. Windows and Linux/OSXDownload:Main (Windows installer)2.1Windows InstallerWindows, No installerOSXUbuntu 64-bitSource CodeSource Code:Customize Minutor. Add new blocks, change colors, change block names with the Pack Builder.I’ve built a few packs for various Feed The Beast mods to help get you started.Direwolf 20MindcrackUltimateOld Versions:1.6.3Windows InstallerWindows, No installerOSXUbuntu 64-bitSource

How To Make 6 Sided Wood In Minecraft Easy

This is one of the easiest ways without the use of command blocks. If MC-Edit changes in the future you can still download the schematic down below. 1) Open MC-Edit 2) Copy a block and place it down (import) 3) Click “Fill and Replace” In the search Type in any of these to change to


MCEdit MCEdit is an open source world editor to preserve anything built with old versions of Minecraft and take them forward into newer versions of the game. Since Minecraft saved games contain every single element of the world the player is playing in, it has much more in common with 3D world, map, and terrain

Universal Minecraft Editor Download Now

Universal Minecraft Editor Works WithXbox 360PlayStation 3Wii UPC (Java)Pocket EditionWindows 10Matt G (oPryzeLP) created the next best NBT Editor.  For Free.He’s been building this program for 1/half years.  His NBT Editor is designed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC, Pocket, and Windows 10 Edition Minecraft worlds!In his second video: (Mod Tool Gives You

How to convert images to minecraft using Spritecraft to Schematic

HOW TO CONVERT IMAGES TO MINECRAFT USING SPRITECRAFT TO SCHEMATICIf you are trying to do something like this: You’re in luck.In this tutorial I will show you how to convert any image into Minecraft blocks using a couple of tools.Lets get started.Your going to need:SpritecraftSpritecraft Converts images into Minecraft schematic.  This is what MC-Edit will