Internet Archive (Internet Archive)

Internet ArchiveToday I want to talk to you guys about a site that’s been around for quite some time meaning 1996.  Yeah, around when Google first started.This site is quite interesting and holds history like you wouldn’t believe.  This site has many things I will get too, but the first is at the top of the

Zelda Sound Chest (Minecraft Note Blocks)

Zelda  ChestI created the graph below to show you the correct direction for, Note Blocks and Repeater Ticks.  This is the easiest and simple way of making the sound when opening a trapped chest like the sound from Zelda games.Everything is laid out and numbered to make it simple.          Instead of using Trapped chests, you can always

Deep Fried Dim Sum Wonton Recipe with pork and shrimp filling

Deep Fried Dim Sum Wonton Recipe with pork and shrimp fillingOne of my most favorite Deep Fried Wonton Recipe ever. This is a must try. I highly recommend getting everything and making them. You won’t be disappointed.For Double Batch (Perfect for family)Ingredients:1) pound of ground boneless Lean Pork1) 300 gr bag or Raw Shrimp (shell-less or

Minecraft Better Together

So as of course, is wrapped around Minecraft.  No coincidence there.   I just love Minecraft and the one thing I love more is the ability to Move my (Abadore City World) from Xbox 360 to PC.    We are going to talk more about the old gen systems today.I’ve been playing Minecraft since

How To Block Youtube Comment Words

Youtube is a great platform to build upon.  But Spam is something that is the one thing that drives a lot of us crazy.As a Youtuber myself, I find spam on my messages really annoying.  Right when the video publishes BAM! spam!Spam on Youtube gets worse every year, It’s something that shouldn’t exist but it