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Super Cool Current Project!

The Tree

This is my new current project.  I'm building another tree.   This time it's not a Christmas tree.  It's a more realistic tree.  Not sure if this will be a fail or not.   I just got to keep at it and see where it goes from there.

So far this tree was made in MC-Edit.  


  • Build a Birds nest with eggs.
  • Add a bird feeder
  • Possibly add birds.  I can't build birds but I'll try.
  • Maybe a birdhouse or a mini town in the tree.
  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image
  • Demo Image


My Latest Video!

Rii 8+ 2.4GHZ backlit Wireless Keypad Review

This is a review on the Rii 8+ 2.4GHz Backlit Wireless Keypad. The review was completely done using the device. Read what I like/dislike on the Rii 8+.  Check out the post here: http://www.destructiveburn.com/rii-8-review/

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